Thursday, August 16, 2012


...what perfect examples of reading. A ghostly love story, a scam and the science of ants. Amazing! One makes me smile, one makes me grudgingly admire how people can think, and one? One makes me cringe to think of the ants, either way--falling off or hanging on!

I guess I'm the lucky one here, because I'm reading all three choices each week. How I wish someone said to me, "May I read the others when we get back to school?" Wouldn't that make my day? Being a reader, I love reading whatever is around. That's what I want for each and every one of you: to find the magic and joy of reading. And, I so appreciate that you took the step to reading this summer; that's wonderful in itself!

On another note, I went to school yesterday to begin preparing for the coming school year. I am so excited!! The room is ready, and now I will finish my prep for the first few weeks of  school.

Can't wait!

Do bring in the books  and work the first day of school.

See  you soon. One more week of reading and then a break for you to read whatever you want (I've read over 10 books this summer!).

Again, can't wait!

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