Friday, August 10, 2012


...we never really know how it's all going to turn out. That's certainly true for this week's readings.

It's taken me all week to get back on and introduce the readings. Some of you have probably already done yours for the week. Good. That means you're in charge.  I love that!

And, that's a lot like the topics of this weeks work: being in charge no matter what happens around us. The mother doing what she can in the face of her son, the man behind the counter, and even the young girl on the roller coaster. All took in where they were and did what they had to do.

I can only hope I'd think as fast as the man at the counter, and I KNOW I'd have acted the way of the rider on the coaster (because I'm not a thrill seeker, but a scaredy cat). I'd also like to wish I've been better about treating people, the people he'd stolen from, but more importantly, his mother, than the boy. But, if ultimately, we DO realize and change, well, that's something. Right?

I see all of these incidences in school. You'd be surprised how often I know students have stepped up or tried something scarey (like trying on a writing assignment) and they're come through the better for it. With the ending of the story, I'd say the boy will step up too.  Sometimes we have to take the long way 'round to do right, but getting there is the important part.

Enjoy the readings this week. I know I did!

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