Tuesday, August 21, 2012


...week of writing on the blog. We're on the 8th set, and I go on one last trip to the beach before coming back to school. I'm at school right now and so excited to see you all and get started.

To think. I believe that's the most important concept we can teach our young (and old!). In each of these readings this week the bottom line is the thinking: can Angie think herself to do what she must; can the man think his way out; can a king learn to think before doing? Really, it's all about using our minds to do and be what we want.

Sounds so easy, but yet it certainly is not. I know. I try every day to be a better person. Some days I win; some days I don't. The key is to keep trying.

See you the first day of school. Can't wait! 

Signing off for the summer,
Ms. B

PS,  remember to bring your booklets and work in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Bassette! The summer has gone by so fast. I have really enjoyed reading the Twist stories. My favorite story was "The Cage" but the main reason I am commenting on your blog is to ask you a question.
I'm sure at least once during your career someone has used the excuse of 'My dog ate my homework'. But has anyone ever said 'My cat ate my homework'? Because that has just happened to me!My sister got a cat for her birthday and he decided to find out what my reading envelope tastes like. I wanted to tell you before hand so I had extra time to apologize about the teeth marks on my reading envelope and answer sheet.
I am very sorry and I hope you don't mind. ~Hope T.

Ms. B. said...

Love the excuse, Hope! I actually believe in these excuses because during my first year of teaching my puppy ate my planbook! Can you imagine having to go into the principal and saying that? Luckily LP, my puppy, only ate through to the planning parts of it and didn't eat up any grades. Whew.

Looking forward to starting another year. See you in two days!