Wednesday, August 1, 2012


... in so many forms. A boy's belief of what is to come and how he will handle himself, a person doing their job, with or without credit, and finally the opposite of courage, making fun at the expense of another-- a sure form of cowardliness, not courage. Those are the thoughts from having read the three possibilities this week.

Reading does that for me. It allows me to make the connections, to take what I want from what I read. It allows me to then wonder. Will I do what I should when I'm in that situation? Would I ever (please, no) make fun while hurting another? Will I give credit where credit is due? Will I be courageous? I want to be.

August 1 always gets me thinking about next month and gets me excited for another year. Do you know that any of you who are reading this summer are already ahead of the year? Studies show that students who read in the summer come back with less lost than students who don't read. Wow! All that for the new year and just from having been a reader this summer.

Thanks for being readers!


Anonymous said...

I found this story amusing but serious. I can't wait to go back to school I'm all ready school shoping. I can't wait to be a 8th grader

Ms. B. said...

Me too!! Was this the story on the boy misunderstanding what he had heard? Or the other one? So glad you're enjoying the stories. See you soon!