Tuesday, July 24, 2012


...are everywhere. In buildings, our minds and our cats.

I like all of the readings this week. One makes me think of family travels while another makes me smile thinking of my own cat. And the third one? Anyone who has tried something new knows what that feels like-the wonder of 'Can I do it?'

Reading is like that. When we begin we wonder whether we will find it interesting. But then, good reading brings wonder with what we have been given. Finally, finished reading makes me wonder all the more about how it connects to me and my life.

It's all about the conversations we have in our minds from the reading we do. Enjoy those conversations!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've only gotten one story from Twists done due to my busy schedule:
- 2 camping trips
- Cousin gave birth yesterday
- Parties (in fact, my dad is throwing a party tomorrow at my house)
- Drawing (I've gotten so good!)
- My uncontrollable laziness (tee, hee!)

And I'm turning 13 next month! But I'll squeeze time for Twists in there. I'm looking forward to 8th grade! I'm also typing my own mystery novel on my mom's laptop. If you want info on that, just comment on this (or Reply...? I think there's a reply button) saying you want to hear more about it.

For Many Blonde Moments In The future, See you soon!

- Jonathan
(you know, the blonde one)

Ms. B. said...

Just when I think no one is there, I got two - not one, but two - comments when I opened up the blog this week. Thank you!

I think you have described the summer reading perfectly: something you squeeze into your schedule. You want to do it and you will, but you also have so many other great things to do.

Jon, enjoy the busy schedule and enjoy coming upon stories that catch you--jut like your writing will do for others when they read it.

I, too, am looking forward to the new year, my first year of having students two years in a row. It's going to be terrific!!