Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Dinner Party

I love this story!

The conflict, the fight, or argument in this case, is given to us, and then, bang! The story is over.

This story is also a perfect example of why we want to be well read with lots of bits of knowledge. The American could piece together what was happening and help out. His knowledge helped him.

Thinking and reading--two good skills to have!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Bassette
We are enjoying reading the stories that you have given us this summer! :)

Gracie,Macy,and Katelyn

Ms. B. said...

I am sooooooooo bummed. Did you write this a while ago, or just lately? I hope it's just lately. I wouldn't want you thinking I ignored it, especially because it was sooooooooooooooooo wonderful to have a comment.

Glad to hear the stories have been enjoyable. I've enjoyed them too, and I've actually been reading novels too (Should I let on that sometimes I go through phases where I'd rather be doing a crossword puzzle and sudokus rather than reading?!?!?) The one I am reading right now is about WWII and how Denmark treated Hitler and what they did when Hitler came after the Jewish people of Denmark. I am amazed at the bravery of human beings. Sometimes just being kind and good and doing the right thing is an incredible act of courage (Yes, in WWII, but also think closer to home: when a student stands up to a bully in the halls).

I miss you guys, and I am doing my usual August 1 move of starting to look forward to and think about school.