Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I did

...after I left school yesterday.
I helped my neighbor save our kayaks,
tried to get DoT to come out and help with a culvert back - up...with no luck, being told that water draining off the hillside from a backed-up culvert isn't their problem. This morning it became their problem since the hillside is now on their road.

With school closed, I took off at 8:15 on my bike, going to breakfast at the Ithaca Bakery, before traveling the city from one end to the other looking at...

water, brown and swift-moving water.

Ithaca Falls Stewart Park bridge, looking toward the golf course

Stewart Park, looking toward the lake

At the Golf Course, looking to the lake

At the train trestle across from the high school

At the Haunt, looking to route 13

On the bridge, looking to the inlet.

Finding boys enjoying a day off fishing at the Farmers Market

An overflowing something at the Farmers Market, with a front view for Mr. Devoe: their garden under water (here's hoping Groton's garden wasn't!)
Cascadilla Creek at the old P and C
Ending at Six Mile Creek

Note same picture: it has less than 12 inches before it breaks the wall, and that was around noon today!
I got lots of curiosity satisfied and good exercise in, while even attaining new knowledge (I learned how to take pictures off my phone.).

A good day!