Thursday, March 31, 2011


...for April.
Here's to April and spring (hurry, hurry)!


...face value.

This week's story was about beauty and personality, and making sure we believe more in caring than beauty.

Dillon, though, along with a few others, not only did that in terms of the story, "Appointment with Love", but he and the others took it out of the story. That's what is needed to get an A+. Note what I circled on each answer. That was what moved the answer up to an A+.

I've also written on some papers what is needed. Those two comments are below. Now, read the rest of the paragraphs, and ask yourself if they do what my two circled comments said. If you're not here this week, and so many did a great job with organization and detail, a great job, it's because you've got to step out of the story and bring it to the reader, what we all should be getting from this story.

You do that, along with your organization and detail, and you'll be so ready for high school.

Once again, I want to say, good job and in only 15 minutes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


...must be in the air because, for some of you, English sure isn't!

Granted, some people didn't have to write because they got a 90 or above on last week's, but then there's some of you who haven't written an essay for me in a while, a good long while. That's sad. (Thankfully, you've been writing in class with the literature unit, so at least I know you've been putting pen to paper.)

If you read these, those, you'll see that there is still some good thinking and writing of essays going on, even as we wait for spring. Thank you to those who are still hanging in there with doing what is asked of you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

15 minutes

...for writing a short answer on "The Necklace" that is deeper than face value. The idea is to go beyond the basic answer: how did she change as a person or what did she learn? So many to read; peruse and see what your classmates wrote.

7th period probably did the best this week. I love to see students step up and do well!

9th came through too, although there were a number who took the 'change' too literally and told about how her emotions changed. Look at these, though, and see that beyond emotions some saw that Mathilde changed as a person. That's the deeper than face value I was looking at.

Kathryn's was a bit lacking on detail, but look at how she so succinctly shows she understood it all--wow!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



This is our second week of the line poetry, taking a line of a poet's and using it. Enjoy the efforts here. Some are wonderful and on their own topics (remember, the words are to be their's but the topic your own.), and some still need a bit of editing.
Yes, there are still so many students who do not take up the opportunity to do, but for the ones who try and do what they are supposed to, thank you.

And, to end, here's one Dillon wrote in his spare time after his paragraph.
This is the reason why we do poetry: to realize our potential!

Guest readers

...Mrs. Smith's girls. Reading day tomorrow. No PJs, please, but come to enjoy your day of reading about the Depression era.

Give yourself images of the Depression so that when Mr. Filzen teaches the times, you have something to pin the facts to.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Essay 10

...dedicated to effort, time and help we give each other day in and day out.

For a number of reasons, the end of March can be deadly, but it can also be a time where some kids kick into learning. They've listened, tried, maybe struggled all year, but 'suddenly' they start to get it. It's a treat to see.

Take KGB. She was learning to stand just a few short months ago. Now, she's walking and trying to run to learn all that there is out there in the world.
So many of you are doing the same, except your world isn't the physical world you're out growing in, but the world of writing, thinking and communicating.
KGB has so many helping hands, just as you have, both home and at school. With each growth comes the confidence in the eyes and the set of the mouth.

We learn to have faith in ourselves, knowing that with help we can do anything.
And, as we grow and gain confidence, we find so much of life to learn from. With each new step and wonder, we want to learn more.

The essays, the short stories, the short answers and vocab work: they all give you a chance to push yourselves, to learn. It's not important where we started or how long it took us to get where we are. The important step is each step we take to be better.

So, we start with grabbing and holding to stand, like KGB did, to walking step by step, until each day is a walk of wonder. If we're lucky, we have hands to hold us and keep us moving forward.

Parents, friends, family and teachers: so many people help to make us who we are.

I'd like to thank all the students who haven't quit this year, who have grown, who have tried and not quit. This blog post is dedicated to them.

Because in the end, when all is said and done and the lights are out and the world is quiet, it's how we grow and treat each other that really matters.
Thanks for learning, caring and growing this year and this week.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The world according to


It's been a while since KGB has made an appearance on the blog, but late March seems perfect for her to speak for all of us.

"Let me out!"

"I know we can make a get-away. I know it."

"Okay. Here's the plan: When she goes to let the dogs out, RUN!!"

Have a good weekend. See you back on Monday for more learning.