Tuesday, July 13, 2010


...and finishing some projects started last year.

The side lawn, which, as Mrs. Filzen reminded me on Sunday, has had hammocks, houses and basketball hoops in it over the years, is going to now be a pathway for flowers and foliage to grow around.

My nephew gave me all the rocks from his place, helping me to get them and then to load them into my car. I have handled every one of those slabs, and I hope not to have to again!

But, it was worth it because they look great and give me the structure to plant the flowers.

My sister has given me all kinds of baby plants that just showed up in her garden.

She has such a green thumb that she plants, turns around and there are more flowers in places where she never planted them.

It's wonderful, and she is wonderful to share them with me. I'm trying to count this side lawn as being 'sunny'. We'll see next year if they took. I sure hope so!

In the pictures above there are Lambs' ears, Lady's mantle and coreopsis and rubeckeas (both of those might be spelled incorrectly!! Hopefully my sister will correct me.).

She also gave me something above that I can't remember the name of. The fennel is below.

My girlfriend has given me sedom, which I'm hoping to develop between the rocks. She tells me it should take--of course, she has hers on a sunny, sunny hillside, but I'm hoping!
ME, another friend, gave me the grass for my bday. It's for shade, and that's exactly what my back hillside is! Next to it are more plants that my sister got for me.

After 27 years of living here, I am finally believing that places where little sun gets to really needs shade plants-- two ground covers my sister got are on either side of the stepping stones that I made a few years ago.

More stepping stones are heading up the hillside where more of my nephew's rocks and my transplanted and newly bought (at clearance at Lowe's) shade plants are.

17 years ago we did a remodeling on our house, and this area was the chute for concrete and gravel. In raising kids I have never gotten around to landscaping it. This is the year to get it done!

I've moved myrtle to make room for sunnier plants in one area. I'm hoping they take and become lush.

I've carried up seaweed from the lake (I should have taken a picture of the steps to the lake for better appreciation of what this means!).

The ferns were brought here from my mom and dad's house way back 20 years ago. They've multiplied to the point of encroaching on the steps to the steps to the beach, so the other day I decided to try transplanting some.

They look pretty bad right now, but maybe they'll take. If they do, they'll be a wonderful addition to the back and another spot where I can remember mom and her gardening skills.

The ferns to the right in this picture were planted last year and have come back, a good sign! So, I've added clearance plants, all with different colors to them. Now, if they take, I'll have lots of color where few plants grow, let alone flower! I buy clearance because, unlike my sister, mom and niece, my gardening skills aren't the best, so think hardy clearance plants are best....and the cheapest if they die!

The three below are a variegated ground cover that my sister had at her last place (and I could have taken some when she was leaving, but I didn't).

So, now I'm getting them as they show up at Lowe's. They've got a bit of purple in them along with the lightness.

More ferns were in clearance yesterday, so now they sit at the bottom of a tree with sedom my girlfriend gave me and a frog I found at my favorite treasure spot, the Salvo.

They not only take little sun; they want no direct sunlight. Have I got a home for them!!

Now, heading up to the garage, I have what I started a couple of years ago. I've added a couple years' worth of seaweed and mulch.

Some of the plants came back from last year, so this year I'm truly trying to finish it. Around it are more of my nephew's rocks.

My garden will be as much rocks and paths as plants! And, that's okay because it's hard to kill rocks. They might move as we blow the leaves, but they sure don't die.

So far this summer, I've stayed ahead of the seaweed. I have one small pile of it at the beach to bring up, but that's it.

You know the saying, "If you can't beat them, join them." Well, with the seaweed, that's exactly what I'm trying to do: turn a negative into a positive.

See the little plants in front of the fencing? I think they're trumpet vines. They managed to come up again from me planting them last year. My niece has them going up some trees at their place. They're huge and beautiful. I wish!

Wouldn't that be incredible if I could get them to grow and cover the garage? (Really, the garage is up one flight, but those posts belong to it. Living at the lake is an exercise in thinking and growing on a slope!)

Looking down toward the neighbors and back of the house, you can see the rocks, mulch and hope for the ivy taking. 17 or so years ago, I bought a 24 pack of it when my sister and I used to take my oldest on outings. It went on the south slope to the lake where it settled and took. It's now starting to take over the yard and I have to pull some. Hopefully, it will be as happy here. Some went in last year and took, so this is the year that I slather the hill in it.

At the top of the picture along with the rocks from my nephew are lilies from him as well. They actually flowered this year. I do need to keep adding mulch since at about one inch the ground is leftover gravel from our long ago construction.

This is the second set of steps I've put in here. I did it a couple of years ago, and then we finally, after 15 years!, put in the electric to the garage. In keeping with that, later this summer two trees will be coming down from that ash disease, and I'm really hoping that they won't tear up this work that I've done this year.

The steps are more stepping stones from two years ago, and along them are hostas my sister got me last year.

Now, I'm over near the compost. This is the sunniest spot on the back property, and that's what I call it, sunny, but that's not really saying a whole lot.

Last year my niece gave me some of the flowers there and they came back, so this year it's out with the myrtle and in with more true flowers, as in flowers that actually flower!

Shel gave me more flowers this weekend and my sister gave me some geraniums. They seem to be perking up with this rain. I hope!!

Finally, this is the view I see as I come out my door of the house. If all the greenery takes, it will be a wonderful way to leave my house.

I have come up with a plan for under the garage, but that's more than I can do, so it's on to convincing my husband and going from there.

A gardener's lot is never finished,but mine sure is coming close, thanks to friends and family. A garden filled with plants from family and friends has got to be the best kind of garden there is! (One that actually comes back in its glory the next year would be good too!!)