Thursday, June 10, 2010

So long,

so very, very long since I've been on.

I'd say sorry, but I didn't stop until the last google doc. was barely responded to.

I realized then that the end of the year had come.

And, with all the state tests and messing with our schedules, it was better to go with the flow and end.

But, of course, I can't end the year without an ending.

You have been a terrific class, one of my favorites in years.

You listened, tried and did. Could a teacher really ask for anything else? I am so very proud of your efforts and gains this year. Thank you!

Since I've been on, you've done 3 DBQs, The Diary of Anne Frank and a WWII book report.

Mr, Giroux felt your writing on his practice clearly showed a better understanding of DBQs, which is exactly what I wanted. If you can do them, you can certainly take on research in high school.

Yes, you will have to do your own research, but then, with that growth, you'll be on familiar territory: writing a paper, citing credit to your sources where needed.

On The Diary of Anne Frank essay, we did a write around off of 4 quotes from the play. I was impressed with that, but then I was even more amazed at the topics you then chose to develop.
And the detail! Wow! With a focus and good detail, you will do fine in high school.

The WWII book report was from the Important Idea format.

So many of you not only writing an essay of 5 paragraphs, with excellent similes in the introduction, but so many of you writing with such detail and keeping the detail focused on your main topic, well, it's just wonderful.

I feel confident that so many of you will be ready for high school. You listen, take notes, write with format, focus and detail.

In short, you are taking with you the skills you need to be a true student of learning.

You have the skills; now you are ready to gain the knowledge.

Enjoy the journey of lifelong learning!