Wednesday, May 6, 2009


...or the fine art of writing research papers. The first step is the notetaking and reading of your research. We did that today.

I am using the 8th grade history tests to show how one goes about research papers. The neat thing about using the test is that the actual research has been done for us. Now, I can work on showing how one uses the research to write an intelligent paper.

Today you skimmed through all 7 documents to get a feel for them. They were on immigration. Since I'm not letting you write in the booklets because I use them again, you took notes.

(On the state test, be sure to just write around each document.)

We also read through the task and saw that you could tear it apart just like you do in English.

Tomorrow, I will walk you through the outline for a research paper (each week I will fill in less and less of the outline), and get you started on the writing of it.

You will then be on your own to write the paper. It will be due on Monday.

I am looking forward to seeing of what you're capable.

Remember: do your best and know you have 2 more to do so you can always improve.


Jason said...

Aww poor kids have to write a DBQ... I mean practice the "fine art of writing research papers." I miss your class, Miss B!!! It was pretty fun and the highlight of my day (maybe becuase it was my last period?) But anyway, I'll talk to you later. ;-)

Ms. B. said...

Jason! What a treat to hear from you. Come down and check some of the fine arts!