Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back, old

...and finished business.

It's Sunday night and we're back from visiting family in Stockbridge. We walked an Audubon trail and another trail another day. We also walked through the town, so I did get a little exercise in, but certainly not enough for how much I ate! Here's hoping you all did a better job of dividing food and exercising.
These are pictures of the office that I, finally, finished right before we went away for Thanksgiving. Remember I wrote about painting back in October? Click here for that post. I've been promising my sister a look at the room. (She of little faith did not believe that I would ever do it.)

So, it took me over a month to do a room that's about 10 by 12 feet. I admit: I'm not the fastest painter in the world, but, I did finish it. Now I'm planning on painting the down stair's hall. After Christmas I will do the living room and dining room. I am a woman of color now!!

It took me years to decide to paint and a month to do it. I did it all because I wanted to start using a stepper that I bought. All this for a nice room to exercise in!

Here's hoping your rough draft of your book report poem wasn't so difficult. And, if it was something you were dreading, I hope it went as well as my paint job and you are now enjoying the finished product.

See you tomorrow....with the rough draft. No one goes on the computer till you have one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing the part

...of the student? Benny or our visitor?

Benny was whining,
looking out and trying to get out.
You guys, on the other hand, did a great job of focusing on the work today. Thanks!
Have a great holiday; eat lots; do some exercising, and write your rough draft book report poem.
See you Monday in the media center.

Ps. Check out Mr. D's class blog. It's on my links. They're looking for shoes. Have any others could use?

Backtracking the projects. I realized that I wrote about our book report assignment but never showed the finished projects on poetry writing. Since I've handed most back, I decided to use 9th's work.

In the first part, where you had to take the paragraph and write the poem, look at the line breaks, use of punctuation and capitals and stanzas. Good job. Many of you did a fine job with this. Just be careful that when I say to edit the small words out, I meant the was, is, were, had, has, have words, not the and a. Also, note, if you did a good job, that it might look very different from this.

On the next paper are the use of terms. Here again, many of you did a good job. Lines, caps and punctuation still mattered, along with using terms.
Then we went to brainstorming, organizing and writing a poem. Look at their thoughts, ideas on how to use the thoughts and then the actual poem. wow! Others did just as well.

Some of you went bonkers on the magnets. They didn't have to be long. They did need to have a theme or a storyline to them. This one did and wonderful imagery to boot!

Finally we have the finishing of someone else's poem. That was to show you style and tone and how they matter. This one works well, and has a definite ending also.
9th also had a number of comments on their evaluation sheets, so I'm showing those too. I like these because they showed some nice, involved students, thanks! One was nice to her group, even when I'm not sure they deserved it. I had a few others in other classes who decided to be nice. Some were honest. Both are correct ways to go about life. I also liked how they commented on the project. Mrs. Shurtleff and I have worked this unit each year. I hope it is becoming 'fun' but educational also.

Use these examples when you go to write your book report poem. The directions for that is below. Be sure to go to it!

Book reports and


This month you are using parts of pages 62-64 of your textbook to write your book report on your choice book you read this month. We are doing the beginning thinking in class today. If second is any indicator, it's going to be a great day.

I am trying to show you that what you did in the projects can make writing a poem easier. We will do four of the five parts from your project, but use your book to do them. Then, you will write a poem, a rough draft, to have in class Monday after Thanksgiving.

We will be in the computer lab, and no one will be allowed on the computers without a rough. We will be turning your poem into a poster. It should be a fun-while-learning experience.

Remember: your poem must have
--a theme or main idea or focus. It cannot be a summary.
--an ending to your poem. An easy way to do that is to end with the line you began with. That line could be your refrain, or the chorus, of your poem, which would probably have to do with your focus, main idea or theme.
--two terms. If you did a refrain, you'll already have one. Alliteration is easy to bring in. Simile is also. Stanzas work. Repetition is great for drilling home a point.
--editing for errors. Spelling does matter. I was appalled by the number of spelling errors in your projects!
--poetry edits. Where will capitals go? Punctuation? Line breaks? Editing of needless words, such as is, has, were, are, was. The and a are usually needed, but not always.
--no more than 20 or so lines. I don't want you to go on and on. I want you to find one idea to develop and then make it come alive with the just right detail. More isn't better.
--detail. This is a book report. Characters, setting, actions, conflict and how it is resolved are needed. You are showing you read the book.

Please use the above for a checklist.

Directions are quickly becoming a priority for me. Here I told so many people how well you all worked on the projects, and then I grade them and see many of you didn't do what I asked. How is that possible? Because I go over the directions more than once, and therefore allow you not to listen and take them in? I must try to tell once. Once only, or I am part of the problem.

Follow directions.
Heck, maybe even write them down as I talk.
Somehow, we must get you focusing on directions, written or verbal, and following them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures of Friday's game

...from the Yearbook staff.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A few

... pictures from the game.
I don't know how we did it, but we lost .... again. Actually, we've never won. We thought we had it made with adding Mr. Whalen to our team.

But, I did get pictures of cute babies of teachers--so it was a winner there!

Thanks to all who came out and participated in a great night of Groton fun! The fans are really what keep us coming back....or a desire to win!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Driving home sunset. Happy Friday.