Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finished with Grades and now back to Sunday

Sunday was the end of the Ithaca Festival, and there was more music in the park. Orleans, a band from my college days, played. The sun was out; the humidity was down and the music and people were wonderful.

I saw a few people from Groton, some high schoolers and then Alex. It was such a surprise because I had just been taking pictures of the band for Alex and Mack, and then I turned and there was Alex with Kaitlyn's mom.

Benny went and made a friend with a little girl who was near me. From there Benny met a puppy. He had a great time. I even heard from a fellow dog park person that she had heard that Benny had broken up a fight between two bigger dogs. My husband had told me that Benny had gotten into the thick of it and came out all proud that he had been rumblin' with the big dogs, so I guess he's making a name for himself. (He thinks tough guy, and others think peacemaker-- you decide)

Mrs. Hume was there with her family and sister and family. There is nephew and his dad carrying him in front of the band and then later Benny and he are having a great time rolling with eachother.

Later, at the end of the night, The Sim Redmond Band played. They are a favorite of Ithaca. I, again, took pictures of the band for my band people in the class.

It was a great night and a great way to, almost, begin the summer. I'm here working on next year's textbook and cleaning my room, but it truly is winding down.

As Alen said, you're in 9th grade now. May you get your, metaphorically, butt kicked just enough to find out you are not the center of the universe, but no more than is needed.
Learn, grow, enjoy and search for the knowledge, joy and music of life wherever you are!.

Me, I'm the eternally ever 8th grader. I get new ones every year. We come to know eachother, struggle with eachother, grow and learn with eachother...and then they move on and I stay behind.

Posters and essays to be on periodically all summer. Pictures of my travels also....onto my deck, North Carolina, Rochestor, and up the lake. As Robert Frost knew, all of life is a road. I plan to continue to enjoy the road I'm on.

You too!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend antics at our house

Friday we tried to go to the music at Stewart Park. This is the first year that the Ithaca Festival added Stewart Park in for the whole weekend. Usually, the festival comes to the park only on Sunday. I was excited to go because I had heard one of the bands before and the woman singer was absolutely wonderful.

So, by the time I got out of school and home, we had missed them but missed the storm too, or so we thought. Into the boat and over we go. By the time it took us the two minutes to get over there, it had clouded up and then the rains came....with warnings for 60 mile an hour winds.

We stuck around for a while to try to watch the storm from the bottom of the lake rather than at the side as we usually do, and then we gave up .

By the time my husband got the boats all put away, a rainbow had showed up.

Then this morning Tommy, our fat cat was hiding in the flowers and became concerned, always the mighty hunter, about what was on the deck.

As I was watching him, our hummingbirds were doing their usual chasing after eachother. Did you know that they are very territorial and will fight other hummers for their feeders? They spend as much time divebombing eachother as they do drinking from the feeders!

From there, I was on my blog when suddenly a woodpecker is flying through the house (we keep our deck doors open with no screens).

My daughter also got an early bday present, a set of drums from the Salvo so we now have that too. Mack, do you do lessons?

There's been quite a few exciting happenings at our house. How's your weekend going?

Late, but the Ithaca Festival Parade from Thursday

Benny and I walked with the Dog Park group in the Ithaca Festival parade. We had a great time.

There were people there that have worked for years to get the park to happen. I just came to it this winter when I took Benny over and he loved it. Casey wasn't really a dog for it. We walked along the inlet and he was happy.

Benny, well, Benny was always fighting the leash and wanted to be free. He loves the park. He plays with any and all, and, of course, I get my fill of noses and ears and licks and kisses myself. It's a wonderful place.

I've written about the park coming to be and how I feel like I was able to see history happen right here in Ithaca. Leon and Liz and Ken and so many that I haven't met worked to make it happen. It really can happen still; individuals still can make the political machinery move. I am amazed!!

Anyways, here are the pictures from Ithaca's Weird parade, what my youngest called "the advertising of Ithaca".

The parade started with a race this year. Then there were about 90 groups involved. 4-H and the SPCA had dogs before our group (but we had Farley, the mellow, mellow St. Bernard). The famous dancing volvos were just ahead of us and the infamous chainsaw band was just behind us. The parade started with the Dali Lama group and ended with scooter riders. In between there were unicyclists, Mexican dancers, horses, the SufferJets, (the Ithaca Roller Derby group) and so much more.

Here are the pics of our group and whatever else I could get.