Friday, May 30, 2008

Goin' Green

The turnouts have been so great lately, both in wanting the tees and for being here to see the winners. Shania was excited to win since she has been liking the cracker jacks tee shirt. Tyler is one lucky guy. He's building up quite a college t-shirt collection!

Today Brandon won but gave his chance over to Mack who has so been wanting the purple shirt---which I have not wanted him to have, but can I deny Mack anything?!?! At least I made him wear it all day. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Hume did not want to see his midriff when I suggested he show it off!

An update: I guess Mack during rec. playing bball, ripped his new shirt. Kraig had it on at the end of the day. So, we had fun with it, and it's the end of May, but let's do remember that this is about wearing used tees, not just making fun. Right?

Another Friday

First, some pictures from yesterday that I never got on. I decided to offset the boys with the dos with girls with the tees.

Not like last week. You guys have hung in there a bit better. Thanks. Of course, some of you I should be happy that you're still all in one piece, your atoms are so flinging themselves around inside you!

Take Keegan. Please, take him!! Ha ha, just joking.
He can drive me nuts, but you know, the guy today informed me, yes informed me, that he was going to do his writing over the weekend, Kyle too. (all I could get was Kyle's butt) (and who said to my saying that I still thought of myself as 25 that I should look in a mirror?!?!? and right when Quin was taking our picture!!)
Now on the one hand, they don't get to 'tell' me anything, but on the other, how wonderful that they want to do their writings over the weekend. So, yes, they can. I was thinking that I wanted it to done under a classroom situation, but, Keegan's right. Most of the time you will do work with a deadline but at your pace.

Do follow the format for whatever you decide to do: paragraph or essay. Do have lots of detail to back up whatever you are developing and do proofread for a paper with few, few errors.

I look forward to reading them.

And, I look forward to reading the posters on your choice books. Please do follow the model and think what symbols or symbols best portray your book. Make it neat, with few errors and easy to see and read. This is a poster with its objective being to make people want to read the book that you chose.

These are your last two grades for the year. Final next.

Thursday, May 29, 2008



That's how many you did if you did every Wednesday one I assigned.

Add that to the two book reports,
the 12 essays,
and the 6 other book reports and you've done one heck of a lot of writing this year.

That doesn't take in the 3 DBQs
or the poetry packet you did as a group
or the paragraphs in class that we did
or all the outlining you did in December.

When we put it all in a list like that, you've done a lot, haven't you? Yes, you have, and if you've done most of it, I'm very pleased. I know there were many of you who did do just about every single assignment. There were others who maybe missed one or two, and there were others who took mini vacations for periods at a time. But, if you did more than you didn't, I'll bet you're passing for the year. Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

You've got one more writing on The Diary of Anne Frank and then the poster paragraph is due Monday. That's it. That will make a total of 8 grades for this five weeks. I told you it would be a short one. Some of you need to make sure you do these last two assignments.

Then, in a week, with 8 days left in the year, I will start my final. You will be doing 4 different parts or projects with it. I don't recommend studying for any of it. Heck, life isn't about studying or cramming. In some subjects you can, but in English, well, you use your skills every day. If you can't give me back the basics to them now, why start? I want to see what you'll be going into high school with. And that, dear student, is what you've already taken in from being in all your other English classes and mine this year.

Don't cram; don't worry. Do your best. That's pretty much all life will ask of you.

On that note, waxing a bit philosophical here at the end of the year....I went to the Honors Banquet last night. Mrs. Spallone has done a wonderful job of showcasing students' efforts in academics. We missed it last year because at the last minute I lost my babysitter for my youngest, but we made it this year and it was a treat.

Of course, it was a treat as a parent, but I'm lucky. I have had almost every single high school student. How amazing it was to see, what I remember as 8th graders, now young adults, or in the case of seniors, adults. I saw the ones I knew would be right there at the top of their class; I saw the ones who had started to care in 8th grade and have only continued to learn and grow, and I saw ones who took me a bit by surprise...until I remembered their dedication, their desire, their willingness to grow.

What am I saying? Never, ever think that what you are now is what you will be. Yes, you have your personalities and some values that won't change. And yes, some of you will just continue to be more and more of what you are now. But, and it's a big but, you have so much growing, learning, questioning, trying and deciding to do before you will become the adult you will be.
The 15 poems and all the rest? That was this year. And, as of right now, those writings are a part of the past.
Look ahead and be what you want to be. You're the only one who has to live with your life minute by minute, year by year, decision by decision.
Make it what you can live with. Make it so you can be proud.
And so, here are these poems, the ones of the past ...
Halle said she couldn't do poems:Ariel continued to grow in her poetry. Don't you love the giddy and greedy?Tyrone, who sat and sat and sat, came alive with his poetry this last part of the year.Jenna with her imagery did a wonderful job with poetry, painting such images!
Ashlyn, with three lines, ends with a perfect description of many dogs:Stephanie came alive in her poetry, working it and pushing herself.

Jordan, what a poet, but like us all, she worked it and tried it and came to this format (when she needs no format)Courtney, one of the ones who took some breaks from work, has a way with her words.Shyanne's grandpa, I didn't know him, but we see him, don't we, and the love that he was:This is Mike M's. The guy hung in there and did his poetry and in the last few weeks look at what he's done. I'm proud of him!Jessie P's is next. There was a bit of 'undone' work, but when Jessie put her mind to it (and SH!), she had some terrific imagery. Jai came alive in this last part of the year with her poetry. She has a knack for it!Marissa, my 'I can't write essays' or poems, it seemed, found she could do both. Good for her!Sierra wrote of pearls, another who found she could write. She just had to take the time. Thanks for finding the time!Ladies, if you want romance, find a guy like Alex. He has a way with words that will keep a person happy.Siera has been able all year to see to the essence of life. How about this one?Brenden still hasn't found the format, but similes and his way of poetry, he sure has; good for him!George, one who needed to do the year his way, showed me two good, good poems, both on sports. Keep writing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wasn't it terrific?!?!

American Idle, tomorrow, 7:30. Be there; the preview sure was good!

More wacky hair, and what's Quin doing to me?!?!?

So, today a few boys come in being 'wanna bes' to Mr. Giroux.

I'm taking a picture and what do I see in the view? But Quin doing a finger thing!! Is he giving me the finger? Is that where we've gone to here? I sure hope not!!

(Although, I will say, I could almost believe anything with this morning. Chad and Gabe won't quit; I walk in and see Jason with a chair over his head; Brandon sitting in for Mr. Giroux. My goodness! Please, seriously, remember we do have 4 weeks left.)
Finally, Alen wrote a wonderful dissertation on why pizzas come in square boxes. Look on yesterday's comments for it. Who's writing today's lecture on a 'burning question'?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wacky hair, t-shirt, and wacky students


As you can see, I wasn't on the whole weekend. I don't know if I even got on the computer at all. It was just too nice and summery to do desk work.

Here's what my husband took pictures of over the weekend--butterflies! I guess summer is here. We had hummers too. This morning I read the paper out on the deck before coming to school. We are all looking forward to our summer break, aren't we?

Then I get to school, and Benny seems very mellow. Is it the beginning of the week? Getting old? Grey skies? I don't know, but he sure is laying around!!

It's been a good day of reading Diary of Anne Frank. Can you believe that Anne wants to get back to school? See, you might miss it too if you didn't have it! (Tell the truth: don't you want to get back in the fall?) Also, I sure appreciate the students who are taking notes. I know you don't have to take lots but it's good to keep the storyline going in your notes. We should finish the play this week, with a test coming after that.