Friday, November 30, 2007

Poems to share.

I haven't talked much about the poems you did. I will have them for you on Monday when I hand out the assignment for your choice book report. It will be a poem (Yes, had you figured that out yet?) so I want to give them to you then. I did write on your poems. I wanted to edit and give suggestions. After this, well, on the book report one I still might, I won't.

You guys have done a wonderful first poem for 8th grade. I know Mr. Lott worked with you last year, so I'm not surprised. We're ready to push for editing and really getting to lines with the perfect wording: that's poetry. So little to do so much.

Thanks for another welcoming day with Benny. He's tuckered out. It's funny how 2nd has him being energetic and by ninth you guys having him being tired and confused and sleepy. He will continue to come weekly--but, you must understand that I am, truly, trying to use him to teach you concepts of English. For example, today I appreciated how Chad in 8th or most of 5th and then Jason and Alen and some others in 9th stayed on task working with the words. Thanks. Today the teaching was that with just a little bit of thought, lots of better words and ideas can come from your first bit. Take that bit of time to up or improve the quality of your image.

Come in Monday ready to write about your choice book. It will be the brainstorming day, a quiet work-on-your-own day.

I will have your listening 'cheeseburgers' graded by Thursday when you doing the one practice reading 'cheeseburger'. As I told many of my classes after I graded 2nd's, the one most important thing to do is focus in on the key concepts they are asking you about. Too many are giving back all you have. You don't need to; key in on key words; find facts to answer those; and then develop them. Giving the background info in a paragraph will be great but then, focus on answering what they ask about. We'll talk more.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good thinkers and a couple of poems

Maybe these will go on in order, who knows! I have your picks for Good Thinkers and then I have the teachers who responded. I am sooooooooooooo impressed with the very many of students who were mentioned. We have some really terrific students here. I hope you all know that. I will be doing another idea next month....who knows what will come to me--hard worker, responsible, thoughtful, quiet but good, loud but good, a student who has grown??? Who knows! Do your best. That's all we can ask for.

I also put on two poems from this week's assignment. I will put more on but I have to scan them yet. This class has started out better than last year's...but of course, that means that I expect more. A lot of almosts were given out, not because your poems weren't good but because with just a bit more tweaking and working (did many hand them in with little or no editing????), you can have a wonderful poem. I want to make you want to tweak. Enjoy the process of being the best you can be. It's fun; it really is!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To end, 9th

Ninth, by dint of the class or the time period, didn't do as well, but we can't change either excuse, so how about rising to the challenge and becoming students, all of you? Or, at least, the ones who want to, ignoring the others and make the decision to be students. I know I might get someone who thinks I shouldn't be so hard on you, but I see such potential! I am tired of the socialness of the class, the thinking you can say and do whatever you please, especially since many of you do not, consistently, put the effort in. It is frustrating as a teacher to see what could be and then have to deal with what is ("Get over it. That's your job." I know that's what you might be thinking. I agree!!!).

Okay. Here's the good stuff.

We have terms, magnets, brainstorming, some good work. I, again, love the magnet one that creates such an image. I also like seeing poetry that's not just left justified. And, read the term one about the dog--what an incredible poem. Some cap and punc work, but wow!!

Overall, some good efforts and works here. Good!! Here's to tomorrow's!

8th with poetry packets

Two magnets, a term works and a brain-storming one. Look at the one magnet poem: "Little silent town". Wow! What imagery. No need for sentences here. A wonderful picture pops into my mind. How about yours?
Then the brainstorming one. What efforts here. I love it! Two ways to get to terrific poetry. Open your minds; you'll do fine!

5th with their efforts

All three of these examples are of terms. I think that was some of the hardest parts of the packet. If you can do this, you can do a poem. Start with one sentence on the idea and then do the terms. Once you have terms, cut and paste (in your mind) and make your poem! Note: one was on racing. You do want to write your poems on what you care about, not what someone thinks poetry is supposed to be about!

4th and their poetry packets

4th has a brainstorming poem on, a Maxine magnet set on, and two examples of working with terms. When writing poems, you'll need to have two terms used for a 100, among other things, like few errors, lines, good content, and caps and punc. used correctly.

2nd's efforts

I'm dividing the work into classes, so be sure to look at other posts. When I was scanning them in, I was once again so impressed with some of the thinking and writing! Wow!

As you can see, there are the brainstorming poems here and magnet poems. The magnets were to help you to get past sentences and into more images. The brainstorming allowed you to come up with ideas that you could then organize into a poem. Both are terrific techniques to use.
Then there are two that were done out of the terms' part of the assignment. How amazing that students could take one sentence, a few terms and turn them into a poem. Wow! (Sorry about the one on twice; I clearly lose track of what I've done when scanning!!)