Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last, is 9th and their essays.

Alen, Drew, Shyanne and Brandon are my picks from this class. Again, there could be more, but I just can't get them all on every week. I will keep my picks changing so lots will make it. There's always something that just puts me over the edge and I feel like I just have to put it on. For Brandon's I was pleased with the 'painting' that he did. Read it and see if you agree. Shyanne's was the detail. Drew's pulled me because it was so systematic....you know how I said that Martin writes from the heart? Well, Drew looks to be a very careful and sure writer. Everyone has a style; find it and use it. Maybe I'll have to pull my style sheet out now!! Alen's is detailed with good painting and his style is one of just talking to the reader like they're right there with him. Wow!!

great efforts from 8th!

Martin andMikaela are the two choices from 8th. Marty, like Kraig in 5th, put me in his country. He is a person who speaks from his heart and if he finds that in each essay he writes, his style will come through. Everyone has to find their own style. (I didn't think I'd speak about that till January, but so many of you are doing that now--wow!!) Once you find how you best go about approaching any topic, writing will come easier. Mikaela's is so indepth and thoughtout. I like that. I'm betting she doesn't wait till Sunday night to put something together. Some can and be good writers, but most people to do their best need to work it. I'm thinking Mikaela does.

5th period's essays--looking good!

Kraig, Sierra, and Felicia's are the essays for the week for 5th period. I am so pleased with their efforts. It's only the second week, and I have already told Mr. Lott how pleased I am with how he sent you all on. If you see him, give him a bow, because he did a great job of getting you ready for 8th grade. And, now, you guys? Well, you're doing the work and doing a fine job.

Kraig puts me in his country life. I really like the detail he gives. Sierra is a natural writer who clearly can use the comma sentences to make her writing effortless. Great! And, Felicia, well, I am so impressed that she did a little searching about women. How cool is that?!?!?!

And 4th period's essay choices!

We have a repeat in Siera this week. I love how already she has kept her style (read the last sentence of the second body paragraph) but she has started the hard work of catching errors. Wow!! Brendan was confused last week on how to make the essay look, but look how well he did this week. I think the outline and checking with me helped. Alex, what can I say? I knew he is creative, but look at what he can do in writing!! Yes, like Siera he can struggle in little errors, but I can work with kids on that; it's the willingness to write and the style that is the tough part. Great work on these, and a thanks goes to all who did them. Writing once a week might seem hard, but once you get in the habit, it won't be. And, you'll be ready for high school when you head up there next year!!

Second Period's essays-wow!

Ashley, Kyle, Jenna and Salma's are on the blog this week. Read the detail in Ashley's and you'll be impressed. Kyle's too. Jenna has style; look at her question and conclusion. I like it! And, finally. we have Salma's. Salma is a wonderful thinker. I love her train of thought. Now, to include people in her terrific thinking, she's going to work on being clearer with her ideas and writing in formal essays. I don't want to take anything away from her thinking or effort or style; I just want readers to be able to follow her as easily as possible. Isn't it wonderful that so many of you are ready to do the fine tuning of writing. There were more, but I just can't put them all on every week--keep up the good work!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Essay #3 for next week.

Today's assignment has a quote, your school and old things. Remember!! Outline and figure out how you can develop 2 body paragraphs where you develop one idea in each, not listing. I have read 2 sets of essays today, and I am pleased. I am seeing growth already! Wow!! Some of the essays will be on tomorrow.
Also remember that you have a reading comprehension due Thursday--practicing your reading in doable bits so that you learn to think and read and know what you're reading. Also, today we went over the sp/vocab words for this week. Please use the hard work the students worked on last spring and do a bit each night. Try to use the vocab words around your friends, siblings and parents. Unlike with Mr Lottt year, you will have to have the definitions in your head and be able to use the words in a sentence. One of the easiest ways to be seen as more intelligent? Use better vocab. Okay? Okay!!
Thanks for hanging in there with my voice today. I had a great weekend, but the cold everybody seems to be having is coming at me. I will just have to fight it off--I know you'd miss me if I missed another day soon, right?
Okay, my daughter is chomping at the bit for the computer--got to give it up!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some learning bits from 9th

Kaitlyn had a great last line to wow us, not just repeating what she had introduced.

Kyler and Jai developed one idea to a paragraph, rather than telling us all the things they looked forward to and didn't.

Jai also, with her great, great essay, though, needs to work on intros and cons. I will not, soon, take "In this essay..." "I have told you..." Please, just do it, not tell me you're going to do it. And, in the con? You want to end on a wow us!, or make a connection, or play it forward, or make an observation.....whatever you call it to use your last line to make it the best it can be.

I loved Zach's simple but noncopied first sentence! Many of you shouldn't just be copying ...at least soon you shouldn't be.

Kyle's looks short, but it's fine. Essays don't have to be long, if you do what you should. Kyle followed the format, developed only one topic (friends/homework) per body paragraph and got out of there. Okay, maybe he could have wowed us rather than just repeated again, but I like his good, basic essay. The bottom line? You can be good without being long....if you follow the format!

The essays are on in this order.....Kyle, Kaitlyn, Kyler, Jai, Zach. Some good work, huh?!?!?!

Finally, 9th are here!

Jason, Shyanne and Courtney are the three essays this week from 9th period. It's going to be a great year; I just know it.

The biggest problem with any (not these) is the listing instead of developing. ONE TOPIC in a paragraph that is explained and has examples. Too many wrote of all the things they're looking forward to. Remember: my outline was just on students, not all the things I look forward to and the routine, not all the things I don't look forward to.

Anyway, we have the rest of the year. Keep trying and I'll be happy!

One note: if a parent ever wants to comment to me but DOES NOT want the comment on the blog, just write, "please reject as a comment." Then, you won't have to go looking for my email address.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This week's writing assignment: page 50

Here it is. The quote, an informational about how life has changed in the last hundred and fifty years and a persuasive on the country and the city. Do the outline; ask me to check it if you want, and then write your essay. Looking forward to it next week!!

4th, 5th, and 8th periods; some essays

I still have 9th to grade. They'll always be the last on, but by tomorrow I should have them graded. I'm pleased with use of transitions, effort, and some of your styles. We need to still work on getting ONE TOPIC per body paragraph and then developing it. Too many did a list--all the things they were looking forward to and all the things they weren't. For a first effort, though, wow!! (Of course, I had some who did not do their essays. 55 for them, but at some point doing work is a have to to pass!!)

These are from Felicia, Kraig, Katie and Mikeala. Pretty good writing, huh?

One recommendation? Use the outline. Come ask me if you're on the right track. Brendan did today and he was, but I was able to show him how to stay focused on ONE TOPIC per body paragraph.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow! and some learning.

Marie and Sierra have some teaching to do:

Siera is the best I've seen for creativity! She has done the overpopulation essay, comparing people to gold fish in a bowl. Yes, Siera has errors. Being the smart kid she is, Siera knows she struggles with writing, but look what she did: Siera has science, creativity and knowledge all rolled into one, reminding us all that nature takes care of us in strange ways. I am so proud of her thought process!!

Marie did a fine, fine essay. It's on here because she used a phrase most kids do. "The reason that I'm not looking forward to tech this year is becasue....." All people have to do when you see this in your writing is, cut out 'The reason that.... is" Then you'll have a good sentence, I'm not looking forward to tech this year because....
Writers can't use is because. No grammar lesson. You just can't. Marie did a good job, though, didn't she? And thanks for both for being brave and letting me put these on!

Essay in and out (page 50).

I've started grading the essays. They've been very good for first week efforts. Here are some from 2nd period:

Stephanie, Keegan, Jordan, and Quin did some good work. There are few errors with good detail, and it's organized and in a correct format. Wow! It's going to be a good year. More to come as I grade the classes.

Also, with permission, I will be using some to show ideas that all could benefit from. Of course, we'd all be positive to those people who were willing to show work that had errors but had some teaching to do with them!!