Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last set (to bed!)

The final ones for this week are Travis, Deanna and Ashley. There's English, science and history, civil rights. I am soooooooooo impressed! Can't wait for tomorrow's. I hope more people actually USE my directions this time. I highly recommend using directions if they're given to you when you're in high school. You've, most of you, come a long way with reading them. I'm pleased with that. That's growth. Yes!

Ps. Emily, I looked. It was 9:53 when we found that they were all leaving. I loved the ending! The writers have done just about all the story lines they could do. I think new ones would be good. Now, I suppose they could bring them back, but i doubt it.

Anyone notice they introduced the idea of the guitar at the beginning when Wilson was talking change...and then it came back around to it at the end? And, haven't we talked about a good way to end is to come back to the beginning? I keep telling you, what I've tried to teach in English isn't just for books--movies and tv shows are literature too....just in a different format!

3rd set of terrific poems

Now, we have Shelby for history and the holocaust. Nick did a math poem with an acrostic and Danielle did poetry writing with a line of poetry. I think it's terrific to see students using different forms. The the caps, punc. and lines. Terrrific! Next week will someone do a listing poem? Or more sentences turned into lines? (Dec. or Jan.'s format)

2nd set (past my bedtime!)

Hannah did Spanish and used a simile. Wonderful! Vanesa did math with an acrostic. Nichole did science and Hayley did English writing. Amazing what they can do!

1st set of review poems

Here are the first poems. We have Tanner's about math, Markie's about radiation, Stacey's about English, and Dylan's is about history. Two are acrostics, one a phrase acrostic and one sentences put to lines. I like them!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Last of the Posters.

We're watching the Lax game with Cornell against Duke. Cornell is losing. I'm blogging and watching. Hope all have been enjoying this day-it's beautiful! I did get to the Ithaca Bakery and grade the concrete poems/posters. I liked them! I have a few of them to get here, say Monday. Tomorrow will be the poems. I also graded 2nd and 9th pamphlets. There were some good questions for both pieces of literature. You make me think! Good. Now, when you do that, come up with questions, you should go to the 'box', as my husband calls the computer. Look it up; ask a history teacher; find the answer. If you do, you've become a lifelong learner, not one doing it just for the grade. Wonderful!!

These posters are from Hayley, Katie, Danielle, Sam and Gage. Again, there are still too many errors in the writing sometimes, but I like the effort and ideas that I saw in them. You're really becoming students who can produce--wow!!
I'll miss watching you continue to grow, but I know you will, and lucky me, I'll have new 8th graders to work with....and that's okay!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

and the final two posters

And, the final two from Travis and Courtney are still more good examples of good student work. Now, I will get some of these up in the hallway, and move onto the poems, as I said, and then pamphlets....I might try to post some of them but they would be lost as two pages, wouldn't they? We'll see. Thanks to all who have been writing, by the way. Although, I do have some people slamming my wonderful car. Are you guys telling me you wouldn't jump at owning a volvo station wagon?!?!?!?!

and still more...

These are both books I enjoyed reading myself, so it's nice to see that others did also. Emma and Hannah did these. What a great way for students next year to hear about our books--from you!

and more....

These are from Sara, Mike and Nick. I like how different people used different styles, from collages to one picture blown up. I am also very impressed at how well everyone did with their paragraphs. If a number didn't follow this week's new directions for the poem, almost everyone did for the paragraph. Thank you!

more posters, maybe

I have tried three times to put more, 10 more, posters on. It won't let me. Sorry. Will try one more time tonight.

I have read and graded 3 of the 5 sets of poems. The people who read the directions and followed them, blew me away. There were some good ones. I'll get those on this weekend too. Too many people did not follow my directions. I write up a page of help and steps, and you do not go with them. Not good for going to high school. Those poems got a Trying? (65). Subject. Specific unit. 5 specifics about the unit. This was a review time, a teaching time for others to read what you remember.

Next week, please? I know you can do it. And, thanks to those who did this week!

So, three worked. I will keep putting three on a time till all ten are on. These are from Matt, Allison, and Stacey.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My substitute...?

Is this my substitute? It could be. Cody did a great job today taking over as I was overloading on books coming back. He looked through the one list and then went in and doublechecked the other list. Thanks goes to him for his help!

And, a thanks to all who got their books back and know where the others are. I try to keep strict tabs on my books because it's your parents' money that buys these books. A $3.00 book used by 10 students in a year is a great investment, and that's only one year! Many of these books are over 3 or 5 years old!

I am also soooooooooooooo proud of the number of students who have read more this year than they ever have. DO NOT judge yourself by how many books someone else read; some people like to read, and for some, it comes easier or they have more time. If you read more, that's what matters. Now, to the students who are working to get to 25-- wow! That's wonderful. What a goal to have. To others who are still taking books out, keep it up. You really will only be in 8th grade for a short time more. Whatever you build into habits now, you can take with you into the rest of your lives. Be readers!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some Posters; more to come!

Here are the first five, by Josh, Amber L., Crystal, Vanesa, and Deanna. There are more to come. These were some of the best in terms of both, the poster and the writing. Needless to say, they're not perfect, but I like the posters and the writing is pretty good to very good. And, there's lots of books to look at. Look for more tomorrow.
For now, I've posted comments, responded and gotten this on, all since 9:30. I went up to the other end of the lake tonight to participate in my civic duty: saying my piece at a meeting about a landfill and trucks on our roads. Mr. DeVoe would be amazed (or not) at the amount of trash generated and then distributed to upstate landfills....interesting meeting, but now it's after 10 and to bed for the Old Biddy!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spur of the moment stories

Chad and Shelby wrote this in less than a half an hour, and then Chad took the time to copy it over. Now, that's pretty cool. That you guys can write from 3 set up cards and turn it into a story in such a short time shows just how far you've come. I'm impressed! Here'a couple more by Aaron, Jon and Dylan and then by Vanesa and Corinne (although, I will restrict love in the 8th grade hallway, Simbas or Nilas of the world!
Okay. I blew it...again. I don't even know what I do wrong. Hopefully everyone can tell which two pages go together.

More pics, but of goofy 8th graders

Here are some goofy guys. Nick is strangling Joey and Matt's laughing...what can I say?!? Then's there's Wally, one very good poet, who is saying thumb's down to something...me? And, Kenny, my learner, the bump on the log. Travis gets giddy in the spring, but you know what? He's one smart guy who puts in a lot of effort. I'm glad he's here and not in California!

Kaitlin and her 3rd period class

I told Kaitlin I wanted a picture of my most prolific blogger, and here it is. Can you see her peeking out from the middle? The journal is there because Kaitlin's pic was in there for the American Red Cross and Ben Conger Inn. There's going to be a fundraiser, I guess. Ask Kaitlin.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

And, now, an entry from the soon-to-be 8th graders!

Mr. Lott did this assignment in his classes the other day. He turned a poem into a paragraph and then had everyone divide back it into a poem.
Mr. Lott told me no one did it exactly the way the poet had it. Interesting!! What a great way to discuss line breaks and thoughts.
We were talking about this and Mr. Lott mentioned that Keegan really went about this creatively. That's what you see to the side. How neat!
Now, I can see that the soon-to-be 8th graders will be starting right in with some good knowledge of poetry writing when we start in December next year. I'm looking forward to it already!!

Last assignment sheet for poetry!

Here are the directions for the last three poems. You have a poem due each Wedn. for the next three weeks. Remember, you are picking a class and then finding one specific topic and doing a poem with at least five facts in it. These will go up so all can benefit from your knowledge. And, you have to do a different class each week.

You also have the book report poster due Monday, and the pamphlet due Thursday...with the literary entry for our magazine due Friday. That sounds like a lot but I have given the last three days to these, right?
The end is coming. Do good work and go into high school knowing you can manage your time to get it all in.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Poets (some of them)...and my new car!

There's Langston, oops, Isiah, Sam, and Kevin...hiding. All three have done some terrific poetry. (somehow their pic was moved to the end. Me and blogging-geez!)

Bethany (a huge sorry to Bethany for going on autopilot and using the wrong name!!), Corinne and Amber have terrific smiles and just as great of brains. All have done wonderful work in poetry--I remember a marble one and one just published last week, and one, who hands them in when she is absent and it's a treat to read them!

These ladies, Jennifer, Shelby, Deanna and Vanessa, have all had their moments in the sun. I remember a story of being afraid of the dark, a trip to the ocean, sewing and a dog looking out the window. (Didn't think I had that memory in me, did you?!?)

The next pic has two of my biggest surprises in it. Josh and Nick have consistently done some good effort and work on poetry writing. One wrote of his mom's cooking and one wrote on his dog, both great topics!

And, finally, my new car. Josh bought me my dream car, a mini cooper. Stop in and see it. It's parked on my desk. You wait. When my kids are all in college, there I'll be, cruising down the road with the songs going and me singing. What a vision, yes?