Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 30th's essay: three choices

This week's essay choices: habits, journeying to America and what they'll see, and Robin Hood. It's an interesting mix. Remember that if you do the persuasive, you must have an opinion. Be sure with all that you use lots of detail. Paint whatever you say. Make us see it like you can.

Looking forward to reading the DBQs and sharing them with the history dept. And, of course, can't wait to read this week's poems. Mrs. S will be grading some too.

Hope you got out to the sun today. I went rollerblading for an hour. If I'm hobbling up the stairs tomorrow, you'll know why!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Rest of thePoems, as Promised

Here are the rest of the poems from my afternoon classes. They are all different, although the two off of Emily's Dickinson's poem line are a bit similar. I just realized the racing one was NOT on a line. GEEZ, I must have liked it so much I missed that--oops. Two similes though. Then we have 2 e e cummings' poem lines and a Robert Frost and Carol, lost the last name. They're all terrific and for a first week try, wow!! This week, remember, you must use a different line, have 2 terms and think about using- judiciously - caps and punc. Some of the line structures are really starting to come out too. Wow!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

8th graders....someday!

As my 8th period class knows, I learned how to send pictures on email today. I went down to the auditorium 7th to grab some shots of the elem. chorus, which was here with Lansing's chorus and T-burg's chorus. They each did a song and then the three schools did 3 songs together. Do you remember doing this?

I give soooooooo much credit to elem. teachers. Man, if I think middle schoolers have energy, phew, the elem. kids--well, tell me: did you have more energy in elem. or now in middle school?

The sun is out. Enjoy it but get your DBQ done too, with great content, organization, and good writing. It might be a history topic, but it's the old biddy grading it!

The rest of the poems from this week should be on tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How did I miss two?????? Dang technology!

Ok. I hit publish and there are only 9 of 11. When will I ever get this right?????? So, 2 and 9 equal all of them. Enjoy!

Poems of 2nd and 4th, with other classes to come!

I didn't start having students write poetry for me to grade till about 10 or 12 years ago. I couldn't write poetry so I never felt that I could judge poetry. Then, the seventh grade teacher I worked with had such a great unit that I felt I couldn't not continue it (That's you, Patti, if you're reading this--your influence goes on and on and on!). Now, today, it is one of my best pleasures of teaching (and, believe it or not, for all the yelling I do, I still love most parts of my job). Read the poems I have picked from 2nd and 4th and you'll see why.

Remember, or for newcomers to the page, this assignment was to take a line of poetry and write that line down the page, using the words to jumpstart your thinking into new wording and line structures. Wow to what you did with this assignment!!!!!!!!!! (and a thanks to Ms. Hahn, my substitute of last year, who taught me this; see how people connect and connect and connect?)

Emma, Hannah, Travis, Jazmine, Deanna and Shelby are from the first class, and then there's Allison, Nichole, Corinne, Katie, and Stacey from the next. I'm sorry that I haven't finished the rest of my classes, but it's 9:30 and I've got to read and get to bed (I know, the whole world stays up but not me. I'd rather be up at 5:30 enjoying the birds, lake and hot tub.) I will get the others on soon.

If you look at the topics, well, what an amazing array!!!! From sports to dreaming to how to live your life. I won't even try to pick out lines that absolutely flabbergasted Mrs. S and I . There are too many to name.

Pick out a line or poem that you connected to and let us know with a comment. Folks have started to do that and I think it's wonderful. Writing is just another way to think, live, communitcate. These poems sure show that. To be in the same room with you and know that you are 8th graders doing some of this thinking and writing, again, what an incredible treat! Thanks to all who try these and put the effort in to doing a good job. It's worth the work we put in.

More tomorrow! (and, thanks to all who did give credit of line to the first poet; that's really a must)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Global Warming and the speaker

What a week it's been for knowledge about our earth--
a special thanks goes to Mrs. Hume for putting together this presentation for you guys. I'm impressed with your interest and your knowledge that you have. As the speaker said, it's your world we're looking at. You want to save it. I really like how there are things we can do as families or individuals. At our house, we have changed over all our bulbs, and we're going to be cutting down on plastic bags from the grocery store (We go to Aldi's a lot anyway, and then what plastic bags we get, we use as trash bags, but I'm thinking of doing away with all bags and using newspaper to line my trach can). We also compost and have always used our leaves. As you all know, I am a firm believer in secondhand clothing. If we all do our part and truly work to lessen our footprints, we'll make it. It can be done. How about sharing what you're doing? I'd love to hear. And, again, if you see Mrs. Hume, remember to thank her. She deserves it!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

...and the rest of best of OY

The one right next to here is Charles' paper and it continues over to the one here that starts with blocked. Then there is Hearther's paper and Katie's paper. Remember, you were able to do an essay or, even harder, in some respects, a paragraph.

For students who are reading these, please do comment on the blog about how great students did, especially about students you might not be best friends with. That is a lucky thing about the blog and putting up papers in the hall. Students can find out new aspects of their fellow classmates.

When I went back to my 25th reunion, I learned only then who the best students had been because some came back as lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. I realize some grew to care about learning after their school years. But, I also realized that it was the gathering of the basics in school that allowed them to continue their learning. Some students might not be known as the best thinkers or writers....except to their teachers. Compliment someone that might surprise you about how good they are. It'll be appreciated. Do it genuinely and sincerely and you'll be amazed how much it will mean.

Now, the real 'best of bests', (maybe)

Clearly, I am still getting the hang of this thing we call blogging!! I do something, click on the wrong thing and there you have it, an empty post.

The first three writings are from Sara, Travis, and Stacey. Again, these are not perfect, but there were written in class and after doing 50 questions too. As you know, the students had time to think through and go through 7 themes that would have worked with OY. Students should have come in prepared to work. And, as you can see, some sure did.

As usual, I wish I could put even more on the blog, but I am trying to be selective. I would like to make special mention to my 8th period class. That class has so many students who have improved in writing. I'm at home so I will probably miss some names, but Tiffany, Matt, Nick, Nick have all come so far. I am proud of them. In 9th I need to make mention of Corey--what a week he has had!! And, to all my students, what a treat it is to see the growth--way to go!!

Best of the best, Old Yeller

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April poetry assignment sheet.

Wow! I did this at home last night, and there it wasn't there!! Now, today it is. The internet is funky, to say the least, at least it is for me!!

I hope to start putting assignments on so you can always have them, even if you lost or left your papers somewhere. Just do remember you'll have to go into the archives to find them. I will always title them so you can find them, though.

For this assignment, just take one of the lines of poetry on the back page, write the words down the paper one at a time, and then use those words to start your lines. Remember that you only use caps to start a new idea; punctuation is NOT just at the end of lines--and doesn't have to BE at end of lines; 2 terms should be in your poetry; and finally, proofread--who knows whose poetry will end up on here!! Finally, who can catch my corrections from the paper I handed out (and proofread a few times!!) and these here? Let's play Catch the Teacher!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Last post for the day, but wow!!!

If you click on the poem, it will go as large as the screen. I am soooooooooooooo excited. Room 303, we are publishers! Share the poems with your family and friends.

The rest of the best ofs.

Here we have Hayley's, Ryhs's, Nick's and Sara's poems. Two of them are on The Devil's Arithemetic, one on A Boy at War and one on When the Soldiers were Gone. I liked these poems for different reasons. None of them are perfect- I'm not looking for perfection; it's pretty hard to come by - but they did pique my interest.
All of you should be proud of your work with this assignment. There were many parts that I enjoyed with the poems. I hope you all know to go down past all the poems and see what I credited for each person who did the assignment. I have many of you who are just now taking off in your desire to do your work (thank you, Will), others who are becoming very good at it (Emily K., what growth!) and some who have still a ways to go but what possibilities (Amber M, Cheyenne, Tiffany). And to all who enjoyed the books they read, to the point of forgetting that they were writing a poem and not everything from the book, well, how wonderful!! I hope you've found another book as good to read this month, our last month of book reports to go.

Please do read the credits and then the poems. I'm sorry they're not clearer, but I've just learned how to scan...thanks to my daughter. Now, maybe I can learn how to edit to make them more legible. For those of you who want to get published, please write neatly, and with the biggest font possible with it still on one page. My admonishment to be neat, clear and to take pride now brings a new meaning--the world of the internet would appreciate it!!

So, here are 4 more of the best of the best. Of course, there were more in each class, but for some reason, and that's the best explaining I can do, these were thought by me to be the ones I chose. You'll see Night, A Boy at War, Waiting for Anya, and Anna is still here. Sam, DeAnna, Travis and Nichole did fine jobs, both with the writing, the content and the poetry format. Enjoy reading. There should be 4 more to come.

Again, let's try it for the 3rd time!

My first effort at scanning! Unfortunately, I hit publish before the others were on, so hold on. They're coming.

Gage's poem is awesome, in the language of today. The imagery is perfect for the book Night. I'm sure concentration camps were hell for the people who were there.

Okay. More to come. And, this means every week I can put works on without anyone doing more typing. Woohoo!!

Best of poems

Saturday, April 14, 2007

WWII Book Report thoughts

I did it. I finished all the poems. And, as usual, some were absolutely wonderful. Others were good poems but maybe didn’t have quite enough book detail. Still others had great detail but the poetry part was lost. Overall, there was good effort on an unusual assignment, and right before a vacation. Thanks to all!!

One question before I give credit to all who did it: Did you follow, and use as a check-off, the directions I had you take the week before? I really wish I could get you all to do that.

, such growth in effort!
Josh, your use of simile
Will, you’re working and getting it!
Aimee, such detail and effort!
Sara, best of 9th show
Jennifer, Nick, Matt, Tyler, Tiffany,
your knowledge of the book!
Jake, theme
Amber, a good poem
Amber, such effort on Night!
Markie, a wonderful short poem!
Heather, use of acrostic
Nick, best of 8th show
Cheyenne, lines
Charles, what creativity!
Mallorie, such content!
Jeff, what a good job!
Isiah, use of phrases and detail
Tyler, painting picture
Joey, excellent use of wording!
Laurie, last lines
Nicole, effort and content!
Rhys, best of 5th show
Crystal, telling of story!
Emily, telling of Night!
Allison, love the start and idea!
Bethany, last line
Stacey, use of questions
Danielle, detail
Katie, Corinne, the story
Dylan, use of terms!
Aaron, simile
Jon, the theme!
Danielle, rep
Naomi, what a treat to have you here!
Vanessa, last lines
Hannah, what content
Nichole, Hayley, best of 4th show
Kristian, simile
Jazmine, story
Ashley, the characters
Hannah, short but so good!
Kevin, the effort
Courtney, blinks-great
Spencer, the simile
Joe, the last line
Brandon, use of acrostic
Chad, the right margin
Shelby, wonderful detail, simile
Sarah, detail!
Jennifer use of stanza
Emma, ‘shy and afraid’
Travis, line breaks
Deanna, Sam, Travis, Gage,
best of 2nd show

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On Vacation.

So, someboday wrote and said I needed a new post. What have you been doing during vacation? So far I've only graded second period's poems. There were some great ones. I am so happy with your poetry efforts this year. I have to get going and do some more, but, you know, being on vacation, I'm walking, reading, doing sudokus, and not a whole lot else.

On a down note, Casey has something wrong with him, so I've taken him to the vet's, and I'm going again tomorrow. Think positive thoughts for him, okay? You're all so good to him when he comes in. I took him with me Monday for track practice, and when the bell rang, off he went into the look for all of you and you weren't there!

I hope some of you are enjoying the books you took for vacation. I've read two. One had three main characters, each with their own perspective in the book. It had music, concentration camps, and guerilla warfare in an unnamed country. It was a serious book that looked at how we live with what happens in our lives. Maybe a few of you would like to read it. It's was pretty intense. Then I read one in less than a day. It was from the view of a girl in Virginia during the depression. It was a good quick read. Now, I think I'm going to read one set during the time of the plague. I'm starting to totally enjoy period books. And, all these books came from the Salvo, so I got the enjoyment of finding them and then reading them.

Life is good. Hope your vacation is going as well!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

A new student? No, a new look.

Look at what a week can do! Well, I guess sports, too, since I think Kristian did this for baseball. Doesn't he look great? If you catch him floating into the air (from lack of hair weight), catch him and bring him back down to earth.
And, thanks for being a good sport and letting me catch you in all your glory.