Saturday, March 31, 2007

Story starter contest...finally!

What is this?
Who is this?
How did it get here?
Where does it come from?
What is it doing?

Can you create a first sentence to a story around this picture? Be creative. "It was a dark and stormy night." That's Snoopy's starter. I'm betting you can do a better story starter with this picture and your imagination.

A lot of times we start a story with the setting or by introducing the characters. But, it is also possible to jump right in with a piece of action, a bit of dialogue or the conflict.

One sentence; that's all you get. Best starting sentence wins contest. Contest open until the Monday after vacation. Have fun and be creative!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Persuasive writng: persuade, convince others!

Here are the two persuasives I mentioned about genetic engineering. I like that Rhys and Jon both have voice, their own styles, something I want all of my students to develop. They both, also, have opinions, and that is something you must have when writing persuasively. There are always two sides to an argument. Being able to convince someone of your beliefs is important in today's world. Write intelligently and persuade, not throwing out the namecalling we have in a lot of our discourse today.

Genetic engineers are discovering that we can change the basic components that makeup humans. They are finding ways to change physical traits, like eye color, and also mental traits, like personality.
The engineers are finding ways to alter physical traits. They can change how a person will look, if they have illnesses, or a disability. In some ways it could be good, like eliminating illness, but I find it somewhat disturbing. How should I know if someone won’t overstep the moral boundaries, like trying to make the most handsome or most beautiful human? Making a “better human” could be risky. As you can see, it’s possible these findings could be dangerous.
They also found out how to change mental traits. From what I understand, mental traits mean personality. Changing a personality could be very risky. What if the person doing the operation screwed up? The baby he was operating on would never be the same. It would have to live like that for the rest of its life, if it lived. Then, the morals come up again. This is another chance for someone to do something stupid. Clearly, this is a very dangerous and risky find.
As you can see, this is an important find, but it is also a dangerous one. My opinion is that changing someone’s personality is immoral. ~Rhys

Science is an ever bettering subject in the world today. Advancements are always being made to the point now where we can change the way people look or act. The question being raised: Should people go through with the process of “bettering” themselves? I believe that there are pros and cons to this matter, but I think that if someone wants it, let them have it.
Society today is all about looks, if someone doesn’t look or dress the right way, they’re shunned for it. Genetic research today, however, can change all of that. If someone’s fat, they can become skinny, if someone’s ugly they can look good. Looks are everything, and some people would kill to look better. I think that this is no reason to have a surgery to change my appearance using genetic research; I would feel so guilty knowing that it really isn’t me that I see in the mirror. I feel that things like this should be used on an “Only in an emergency basis.” Clearly, genetic research would be a wasted effort if everyone in the world just wanted to be “hot”.
Some people actually need this research to live, though. Using genetic research, scientists can find new ways to target cell unconformities, such as cancer. Or maybe they could find cures for extra limbs and paralysis. Genetic research should be used for mankind, and not for famous singers and movie stars to look better with a new eye color. I hope that in the future mankind will understand this simple concept, and improve this research for the better.
In conclusion, this research is unpredictable and possibly dangerous. I hope, though, that scientist can learn to control it and use it on the people who really need it. ~Jon

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last poems for March and other thoughts

There were some terrific poems again today. Thanks for making my day....especially after the mood I was in- ask 2nd or the newspaper group!! But, you know, from the poems (Jen of 2nd did a wonderful poem with wonderful wrapping of lines!!), to Deanna just shouting out in class (not, but she did get involved, thank you! and with a smile!!), to my newspaper taking my comments well (and Gage laughing at my antics), you guys do a good job of making me enjoy my job-- and that's important in life. Between the sun and my students, it was a good day!

Look for a couple essays on the blog soon- Rhys and Jon should be showing us two sides to this past week's persuasive essay. Also, I'm putting up our latest efforts tomorrow going toward the cafeteria, so if you're coming to the play and dinner (do, do, do!), be sure to show your work off.

On a side note, I think a student just offered me a picture for the blog, but since there was no name (do first only), I couldn't be sure, and since the comment was asking for my email address, I couldn't give it out. I know you all think that nobody is out there who is on anything but the up and up, but this old biddy doesn't believe it. I want to know who I'm talking to and who wants my email address. Call me an old lady, but please practice safe computer usage-- okay? I promise I will. So, sorry, but if it's who it could be, talk to me in school tomorrow and I'll give it to you, okay?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Poems: week two of March

Tyler Hansbrough
Reyshawn Terry
hanging from the rim like mj
~ Ryan

Cross country
over hills through
sometimes cold or hot

Clouds pass by over my head outrunning other schools
unique personalities
Never stop to run with friends
Tired at end of
Young and old run to keep fit

Shooting guns at a
hard surface
on the ground makes a loud
ting! in the air

Winter is spectacular
in every way
no matter what day
The snow is beautiful
everywhere it goes
remarkable how pretty it is

Roars like a dinosaur
of yester years
babbling and commuting with others over the rough, ridged terrain
tipping just slightly
stops when I tell him to

Make a shot
and take their
really pretty,
baby blue marbles.
Looks like it is mine. The
ending, a
sweet victory for me.

Snow hitting me in the face
now it’s cold.
Out in the woods
wondering where to go,
make a left and keep going.
Oops, back where I was
begin all over.
In the woods
lonely and lost.
Is this trail ever going to end?
Now I know where I am,
going home.

Staying up
until the sun comes up
Making cookies and listening to
endless, amazing times, and never
ready to go back to school!

Comfort giving, warm hearted, clam
Acrobatic like, the way they tumble and
twirl, sticking with you
‘til the end, or nap time!
Shy but thankful, playful, humble

Bouncing the ball
all the way down the crowded court.
Sneaking through the opposite team’s
players. The
kelly green team is about to make a
Evenually, the ball gets up in
the air, going towards the
At the last second in the game, the lively crowd goes quiet. The shot
is made. The
loud buzzer goes off.

left for sleep
our town
was covered in snow slowly melting.

Zooming in on the window you cannot
Ever so slowly snow falls
returning on
our town.

Bass are
aggressive and
sometimes break and
snap lures

So close, almost here
Prancing on the grass
in the calm, steady breeze.
Now mother is calling; so I run
going home, prancing on the grass.

Rumble of the motor
accelerator, as far as it will go
Cars cut through the air like butter
Intense never boring
green flag Go!

older than school is
math, English, science, and social
Easy or hard on the mind
working at it, little by little
or, doing it fast with no attention running my life Monday- Friday
killing my life of free time.

So crowded and crammed
creeping around, those little kids
Hollering and shouting
over and over again
Oh! Can I escape the
lingering noise?

Biting, gnawing, and scratching
us, the tortures of the
school bus

Part of time
in every frame
captured with this small contraption using two double A batteries
recording the best memories
extra time took looking at them
smiles and smiles

Birds, singing along to a melody
in perfect
rhythm. They soar through the sky diving and swooping as they go by
Sometimes like dancing in the sky

Reins jiggling at a trot
imagining the next step
doing what I love
important to keep posture
not a lot to it
going on long trail rides.

Happy when doing things on horseback ordering my mount to turn
running my hands on the horse’s neck setting the stride
evening the stride
sailing over a jump.

Fantastic to play and watch
on the 100 yard
open field
The first down the
brilliant offense wants
at every second
lots of players hitting
lively into each other

Bright brackets
radiantly shine
advertising my smile
cemented to every tooth
seriously causing pain
~Hannah Wheeler

And thanks to
Joe for use of color
Sam for a descriptive poem
Nick for a great poem
Courtney and Shelby for first line
Sarah for line break
Jazmine for painting so wonderfully
Ashley for last line
DeAnna for descriptive words
Brandon for some nice imagery
Gage for the first two lines
Emma, what imagery!
Jennifer and Ashley for listening
Travis, Hayley and Kristian for their content
Hannah for simile and last line
Corinne for use of dialogue
Aaron for surprise ending
Nichole for detail
Dylan for alliterations
Katie for last line
Allison for the possibility!
Jon for hanging/having
Bethany for telling a story
Cody for ending
Danielle for topic
Joey for growth
Caitlin for love
Tyler for what he makes me see
Rhys for first two lines
Mallorie for her poem
Emily for her imagery
Cheyenne for her second line
Mike for learning…and learning again
Amber for her second line
Tyler for some great thoughts
Jake and Crissy, good alliteration
Kerri for being a Dr. Seuss
Matt for such effort and knowledge
Josh and Sara for the theme of last lines
Will for ‘good grades rock’
Liz for her imagery
Aimee for some good vocabulary

This is the 8th grade and what you’re all capable of. I love it! Please, please, please: be willing to type yours onto the blog. Come in and you can do it as me!

~Ms. Bassette

I need people willing to type!!!

I just read the header where it said, 'on this blog, you'll find lots of great efforts at writing'.... who is willing to type in their work? please, please, please?

Monday and a new week, to get it right!

For me, getting it right would be being able to post one comment without losing another!! I think, last night, when I checked Hannah's to post, I thought it would then let me read the next and decide....but noooooooooooooooo, it only posted Hannah's and I guess, thought I was rejecting the other. Sorry!
Chad also, noted today that I hadn't upgraded the blog since Thursday. Our computer at home is sooooooooo slow, so sorry about that too. And, I took a picture for the story starter contest and then the batteries died. Just not a great blog weekend all the way around.
Now, for you guys, the 'getting it right' is for the DBQs we're doing this week. (I know, againnnnnnnnnnnn? whine, whine, whine) We're going over it today so, hopefully, this week it will better and more interesting. What is called 'Outside Information' to me is just painting, giving a story to the fact - the document. I'm impressed with how well my classes are going today. Thanks for being great students on a grey Monday. That can sure be tough to do.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yup, took a while, but new Cereal Box readings

Here's Kenny and Josh working on the new Cereal Box readings 9th. With some extra time yesterday, lots of you took to the desks and came up with answers.

A big thanks goes to Hannah for doing most of the work. All year she has given up her study hall to help me get this program off the ground. It is appreciated, Hannah!!

And, to Ashley who came up with some of her own, great idea! Can anyone else think of your own...I don't know what they're called...word images???

Speaking of extra work (not a lot), I hope many of you are entering the BOCES contest. Let's get them in by Friday of next week. Good luck and good writing!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost a couple comments!

Mr. DeVoe wanted me to practice hitting the reject button, and I did so well, I deleted 2, not just his but another comment also!! And the second one was on English being fun-- how could I have done that?!? As for Mr. DeVoe's comment, he was supporting women in their fight for equal wages and for other very important beliefs. But, I did hit the reject just like he where did I lose my English is fun 2????? Now, forget women's rights, I'm outraged about that! To whoever said it, thank you. And, Mr. DeVoe, I obviously have to practice some more on the reject button! (and, will you help me to get your link on this blog, Mr. DeVoe, so I can get involved with yours too?)

Hey, another great day....reading soooooooooooooooo many wonderful efforts at poetry. Did you have any idea how incredible your images could be? From seasons, to school, to sports, friends, family and pets, you did some terrific poetry. Thank you.

8th grader girls and science (the fun subject!)

Science: that fun subject where you blow things up and make ice cream. Today it's the 8th grade girls having fun with a microscope.

I'd feel bad for you boys that you don't have a science club yourselves, but in today's Ithaca Journal, women in New York still make only 79.4 percent of the money that men do.

Any comments on that? Read the back page of the IJ, March 21 for more info. Be outraged!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good thinking and good writing today

There was some good thinking going on today in 2nd and 4th. I know some of my questions don't make the best sense, but you know many of you today hung in there with the discussion. Tearing apart a book to see how it's written is a far cry from just enjoying a book, but, once you understand the making of a good book, the reading of it actually gets better, more enjoyable. Do you like to watch a good sports game because you can appreciate how it's all put together? Same with a book. Keep thinking; it's good for us all!
My 5th, 8th and 9th groups were terrific with writing today. I am impressed with how quiet the room was--not because quiet is necessarily good, but because it meant you were engrossed in what you were doing. Now, that is absolutely wonderful!
Can't wait to get the next set of poems tomorrow. I'm excited to see what this creative bunch of 8th graders have come up with this week!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blew it! No contest, yet!

Ok. So it's Monday and I haven't started the contest yet. Sorry. I'm trying to find a good pic to have you write on. It's coming, but I sure am messing up by taking so long.

Looking forward to Wednesday's poems. There was some wonderful work going on today. And, I learned something about this month's format by the end of the day. Do not highlight the acrostic; it's just there to get you to think differently. Really, it's the poem that matters. I only want to look at the acrostic AFTER I have read the see if it fits. Again, it is not the word; it's what you write about it that matters. Thanks to my 9th period for showing me that. I saw some good work from all my classes today, but, boy, did that class take off!

Also, a congrats goes out to JR for starting his own blog to put his poetry on. I love it! Why else do we write but to share our ideas with others (okay, so some of you do it for a grade....thought I didn't know that, huh??!!?).

Please, if anyone wants to type their poem on here, please do. I just don't have enough time to type all that I would like to onto here.

Now, for my 7th grade contingent, if any of you would like to see our formats for writing some poems, I have extra copies--no grade involved; just the fun of writing...and you'll be ahead of the game when you see them next year. This is our 4th month of writing poetry so we have 4 different formats we have worked off of. Come join the fun of rm 303!!

Maybe a pic tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2007

How to write in on comments

I've had a couple anonymous comments...which is all right, but it's hard to write back to 'anonymous'. Then I realized that maybe it's tough to do any other way. So, do click on anonymous to have it printed but BEFORE you do that, how about signing your first (only) name to your comment?
Whatever you're writing, you should be able to do that, or maybe you shouldn't be saying what you're saying. Aren't blogs for creating dialogue? If so, I need to know who I am replying to.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Poetry thanks!

Some of the students who did a good first effort on their acrostics for using new and different vocabulary: Vanessa, Danielle B., Hannah W., Courtney, Shelby, Isiah, Sam.
And, some did a neat job of 'wrapping' their lines: Sara, Mike, Joey, Danielle B., Shelby W., Spencer, Sam.

Looking forward to next week's poem!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday and DBQs

Here's my 5th period thinking about what they know about women's rights. Some good ideas came out of it: Sandra Day O'Connor, women helping slaves escape, getting the vote, working during the wars since men were fighting.....
what do you know?
In DBQs they give you documents to work off of, but you also have to have 'outside info', info you've learned before the test.
Why are we doing history writing in English? That's why I'm here. What I'm working at teaching you is to be used in other classes to be the best student on learning you can be.
Bonus points for more info about women rights....add them in comments.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Another poem: about a book. Love it!

The Book

The boring
dirty book
life lessons sitting
on the

Wating, just waiting
to be read
by the
~ S of 4th

I like how this poem starts with the awful
description of the book and ends with the knowledge
of what a book can give us.

Mrs. Shurtleff did suggest a bit more editing; what do you think?

The Book

The boring
dirty book

life lessons sitting
on the

wating, just waiting
to be read
by the

Does “The Book” work better without one word, was?

Mrs. Pomeroy was in today talking about 9th grade. It's cool to think you're almost in high school. I know you'll all miss me, LOL, but really it is neat.

Now, did you take the paper home to talk with your parents? Do set up a time to talk with Mrs. Pomeroy about next year. Then, do keep the paper, and remember, as a parent I'm saying this: stay involved and make sure your classes next year are the best they can be for you!

Finally, back to 8th grade: Did you take your progress report home to get signed for a 100...otherwise, 60 on Wednesday if you haven't.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Students teaching the teacher

This is my first solo of putting a picture on the blog. I am soooooooooo proud of myself!

And here's what I know: gtg means got to go; tty means talk to you; brb means be right back; wth means what the heck; and kit I was told today and I already forgot! Finally, I think jk means just kidding, yes?

So, here's my last try at im in poetry, hmmmmmmmm.

It seems 2 me

u k more

than I dk

about im.



Why not meet and ttyl?

Face 2 face?

Then we can b


or, at least,

f 4 now.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Another listing poem

The city is quite busy!

I hear horns beeping

people chatting

cell phones ringing

birds chirping

and don’t forget the blasting radios.

As well to all that,

I see many people

busy streets

tall buildings reaching to the sky


big buses

and beautiful gardens!

~S of 2nd

I like this poem! It’s listing but it also reminds me of the one we had in the packets in November.

Now, how about a couple punctuation additions and a bit of editing?

The city: quite busy!

horns beeping

people chatting

cell phones ringing

birds chirping

(and don’t forget)

the blasting radios.

As well,

many people

busy streets

tall buildings

reaching to the sky


big buses

and beautiful gardens!

Yes! Pictures are here.

Mr. DeVoe helped me get his picture on the blog. We are up and running with pictures....althought this is certainly not what he told my it would like with the typing! I feel like I am losing his picture with the more typing I do.
Do you remember Mr. Bumbles? Mr. D. introduced me to him and thought that since Bumbles would be coming out in the next unit that he should be pictured in the blog with Mr. D. Appropriately enough, Mr. D was checking out Bumbles's liver- the organ that helps to clean out our bodies of toxins. In the writing world that would be us when we edit (Oh, Ms. B!!! Does everything have to relate to English?!?!?). Okay. I admit that was a pretty bad connection, but I did my best.
Now, tomorrow at school I will try to - all on my own - put some more pictures on the blog.
If you see Mr. DeVoe tomorrow, thank him and tell him hi to Bumbles too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Our second (mine first) im poem!

Alen wrote a 'really short poem', as he described it, under the im poem contest post.
I could read the first two lines, but can someone help me, other than Alen, on what the ims in the third and fourth lines mean?
So far I have

Laugh out loud, you are funny
Be right back, bathroom

And then he gave me new ones to figure out too

ttyl gawd gewd What do these mean? Anyone help me?

Monday, March 5, 2007

New poems: last of the listing ones.


As they sit in the boat,


As the shells keep coming,

Closer and closer.

As they come closer to the beach,

To their deaths.

As they think of their families,

They begin to weep.

As the doors open

They begin to run.

As the shell hits,

It’s all over.

~J of 2nd

I’m sure most of you know who wrote this; the student who has studied war. He does a terrific job of painting D-day. Think of this poem when you learn about it in history class this year, and tell me if it paints it accurately.

Now, I would have done more editing, the commas, the as to begin, the periods. The one below would have less structure, which is what the as gave it.

See what I do, and decide which you like.They’re just different styles. Both use the knowledge he has of war.



They sit

in the boat


The shells

keep coming

closer and closer.

They come


to the beach,

to their deaths.

Thinking of their families

beginning to weep

the doors open.

They begin to run.

The shell hits

it’s all over.

and more!

rotflol paw Two new ims. So, what do these mean? The more we have the more poems we can do.....of course, someone other than moi (French too!) should be writing these.

im language

Today in class I got some new im language:
lol 2 brb kit wth gtg rofl jk

So, what do these mean? Anyone know?

Looking forward to some poems in im language!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Poem contest in instant messaging language?

How about we have a poetry contest on the blog? And, how about it be in instant message language? Anyone can write a poem in the comment area and I'll post it. The more instant message language, the better. It'll be fun to have you teach me a language!

Okay. Here's my entry

DK im language.

Can u teach me?



DK (let's find out!)