Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pictures coming, I promise!

Okay. We're in the library tomorrow. I'll try taking pictures of my classes and get them on here. You'd think I could do it, right? Enjoy the poems. They're terrific.
I've already been reading the ones that came in today. Can't wait to post some of them too. Keep up the good work!

New poems in the listing format

Riding a skateboard
not too hard. Just take your back foot
slide it across the ground
push off
put it back in place.

Now Ollie.
With your back foot
push down
slap the tail super hard
pull your weight off
drag your front foot
up the board,

Kickflip time.
While riding
get a perfect pop
drag your foot up like last time
then throw it out.

Skateboarding is so fun
especially when you
know how
to ride!

~ of 4th

Can you guess whose this is? He puts me on the board! the listing format works well here. Great job!

The creamy white snow
spread all over
the little people.

Little globs
of an assortment of colors
sprinkle onto
the little people.

Little dots
of blue and brown
dot the eyes
of the little people.

A long line of red
close the mouths
of the little people.

Tons of fabrics
cover the bodies
of the little people.


Little teeth
bit into the legs
of the little people.
~K of 4th
At first I thought this was a poem from the perspective of God (making people, you know?) But then, yup, I got it when the big chomp came! Cookies!! What evil fun she had writing this.

Great Cat

like a leopard
very cute

like a leopard
very curious
pretty mean

to cuddle
to have food
to be pet

to not be pet
loud noises
being lonely
~N of 2nd
Pets work very well with the listing format. I like how the cat was compared twice to leopards, showing both sides to it.
I can sew just
about anything.
Easy shirts and
tricky shorts.

A simple fabric,
or a crazy print.
As long as I like it,
it will do.

Cut the fabric
to fit the pattern.
Check the bobbin,
thread the machine.

Make my measurements
and my marks.
Lift the presser foot
then put it down.

My foot is
on the pedal,
it’s ready to go!
Not too fast yet,
Not too slow.

Make sure stitches
are straight and even.
Cut extra threads
and inspect again.

Add extra embellishments
until I am pleased
and wear my design
for all to see!
~D of 2nd
I used to be in a 4-h club when I was younger. This poem took me back to that time of sewing. You should see the picture of my girlfriend and I in matching jumpers in 7th grade, ah, the memories! And, that's what good poetry does; it connects us to our lives. D did a great job of that!
The Ocean

Good morning ocean!
of blue.

Sounds so soft
sometimes rough
as if
the waves
were angry
a thunderstorm
to the sky.

live in the big
pool of water.
A home-

Moves constantly
shores are
shores are

At night
so serene
goodnight ocean!
~S of 2nd
I love this poem. I could see reading this to my children when they were young. I can even picture each page. Can you? The wonderful imagery; it's just wonderful!

Open the shed
fire my
green artic cat,
4 wheeler up
let it
warm up
go inside
get dressed
head out.
Let’s ride!
~J of 9th
What a fun poem. I'm not a 4 wheeher person, but I can feel the fun in this poem. And, he did a good job making it happen with the listing format.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bonus points

Over vacation, if you watch Sea Biscuit or Cinderella Man, I'll give bonus points for it. Your history teachers give you the facts and perspective to history, but having that picture in your head to connect all that to can really make learning history (and life) easier. That's the goal of reading comp. this year-- understanding your world around you- through reading, watching or listening-- and keeping it in your head, prior knowledge for the next round of learning.
As I've said to one student over and over this year, "Learning is fun!" Enjoy the process and be lifelong learners.

Great movie, thanks to Jeff

I watched, finally, Cinderella Man last night. It was a terrific movie. It showed the depression era far better than Sea Biscuit, which was another good movie of that time. Funny, they're both based on true stories. I have students ask me all the time why we read books that have such hardships in them. These movies show why. People can rise to be their best in tough times. A big thanks to Jeff for giving me this movie to watch. And, if Jeff or your teacher isn't enough, ladies, my 9th grader watched it with me and liked it too.
There was very little swearing, no sex, and all the violence, which there was, was historical. I really recommend it to get a picture of the depression in your head. A love story and a boxing movie with history thrown in-- wow, what a combo!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

One week to go before vacation.

This week we're finishing up the fable and comma rules. Tomorrow and Tuesday in your groups you'll write a new one each day. On Wednesday you'll decide which of the five you've written you'll rework to hand in for a grade. Thursday will be a reading day with the fables due, and then Friday, for a finale to the unit, we'll read the fables. It will be a good week of writing with some hard work of truly getting the comma rules into your writing. Enjoy. I can't wait to see what you produce! (Your second listing poem is due on Wednesday with lines, not just single words. And, again, try to get away from sentences. Don't restrict yourself!)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Poems

The poems are graded. Here are a few new poems for your enjoyment and thought. I will again post them without authors, but I sure would like people to take credit for their wonderful work.
This week we did start a new format, and we did move away from sentences. That seemed to be tougher to do than I thought. My one overall comment would be to not write in sentences. A list is just that: a list. As Mrs. S. said, do blurbs....or blurt out what you want. We are trying to get away from the restricted structure of the sentence.
And, one more note of caution: if you looked at mine, very few lines had only one word. We are 2 months into this. Painting happens with just a few words, but certainly it can't very easily with just one. Hang in there. By the end of the month, you'll have it!!
The science poem could be one of your listing poems for English, if you'd like--just do remember my comments. That's what we'll grade them on.



also learning.



prepare for the future

This is a great starting point for a listing poem. I really like the line that teachers learn also--we really do!
But, I want more. Keep each line, but add to some...paint more. Bonus points for doing so.

Now this poem has some great, great lines in it with some good play on words too. I just wish there were more caps and some punc., but wow to some of the images! Where would you add caps? Punc? Bonus points for doing so.

warmth, cozy
hot chocolate
under a white blanket
go outside
white blanket
of snow
now frozen
I'm not
I am
now back inside
where it's warm...
Birds fly
the sky.
white clouds.
birds decide
they do not
want to
glide back
the sky.

Don't you just see the birds and their love of gliding free in the air above us? But, how could this author move away from the sentences and have a bit more blurts? Might be tough to do because the sentence structure works so well here, but try for some bonus points.

Rosco my dog

big black golden

massive moose.

Plays rough

friendly to me

throwing the ball

will not return.

Hates people who

come near the house



Loves me

playng in the snow


and my family.

I apologize. I can't get the spacing between lines to come closer together on this one.... But don't you love the lines 'massive moose', especially off of 'black golden'? Would you try anything different in terms of some wording? Placement of lines on the paper? Punctuation? It's a great poem; enjoy working it for bonus points.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Comma rules rule!

I read a few good fables today that really got the hang of the fable writing and using the comma rules, especially one. It had 3 different comma rule 7s in it! Wow!! There was also some good use of characters, adjectives to paint and better vocab.
So, today's bonus, to be added onto your reading comp. (due tomorrow!!), will be three sentences that use comma rule correctly - start with when, if, and since or after. Remember, there should be a complete thought after the comma. Five points given to the first 5 to hand them to me.
Stay warm and bring your book tomorrow for a reading day.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Bonus for Wednesday's poem

One student took me up on the bonus for today. Great! So, here's a 5 point bonus for adding onto Wednesday's poem. Write down 3 great facts you remember about Clara Barton from today's conversing. First 3 people get the bonus. Facts can be handed to me or put on my desk. Remember to put your name on it.
Have a great day tomorrow enjoying your day off as I sit and read cheeseburger after cheeseburger. Actually, I'm looking forward to seeing what you did!
Poem due Wedn.
Reading comp. due Th.
Sp/vocab due Friday.

Friday, February 2, 2007

A Good Day!

I want to thank all who truly studied this week and did well on their sp/vocab quiz. I was quite pleased. No bonus points given out, though. Let's try again for Monday--it's another sp/vocab day with new words. 5 point bonus for Monday's work to the first 5 people who can give me a good thesis sentence for a paragraph on today's conversing piece. Have a good weekend. Read, write your poem due Wednesday, or just forget school-- the time is yours to enjoy!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bonus points for sp/vocab tomorrow

The first 3 people to tell me, from my listing poem on the day in the life of me, what seems to matter most to me as I go throughout my day will get 5 bonus points on tomorrow's quiz.

And, how are the efforts going on your first listing poem? Take a topic, brainstorm, organize and set on paper, thinking lines, caps, punc, best wording. Do be sure to list. This allows you to get away from sentences. I think you're ready for that. Good luck and have fun!!