Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New plan for writings

Okay. I'm finished with putting on the poems we've done already. It was a good way to get started but I'm not sure if my efforts are being utilized (meaning, why am I typing all this if noone is participating?!?! I know: lazy, lazy, lazy lady, I am!!) So starting this week, Mrs. S. and I will pick a few writings to put out anonomously. They will be ones we liked for various reasons. I would love if the authors came on and took credit for their terrific work; if they do, I will definitely add their names. I will also ask questions about the works so that you can have a chance to get bonus points. Bonus points can be done through comments or writing out the answer and giving it to me in school.

Fable examples coming soon!!
Look for them!

Six poems from 1/24

Going down
in half
frantic screams
by cries
in the air
into the depths
of the
vast sea.

to the bottom
a petal

for decades
her death
a great tragedy
never forgotten.

Author: anyone want to take credit?
My comment on the poem?
I think this is a wonderful look at a moment in history. A terrific picture is painted here of the Titanic and its last few moments.
I might have added in a couple more capitals and a colon. Where could you put them? Bonus points for answers that work.

Flying down the hill
snow hitting me in the face
feels like needles.

Ears are cold
hands are wet
nose is red

This poem puts me outside, feeling the hill as he flies down.
I would edit a few words out.
Bonus points for suggestions.

I love

The sweet smell
of fresh
cut grass
on a warm
spring day.

I can almost smell the field as I wait in the outfield.
How does the author paint with such few words?
Bonus points for understanding.

The snow sparkles
from the morning sun,
a million diamonds
on the ground.

The sparkling snow
shining ponds
and the ice and snow on trees.
how radiant.

What imagery!
Can you find the metaphor, the repetition?
Bonus points for correct answers.

My dog is big and yellow
he stinks very bad

Even though he stinks real bad
life with him is not so bad.

Have you ever been around a smelly dog?
They stink.
How could the wording be worked for a bit more variety?
Bonus points for answers.

Fall onto puddles,
like children
stomping on the mud
on a rainy fall day.

blows down trees
like dominoes
falling down
one by one
on the living room floor.

The lighting
flashes in the sky,
like in the morning
when you first wake up
from a long night sleep.

roars in the night
like a lion
trying to catch
his morning prey.

This is another poem that creates wonderful imagery.
In this poem, similes are used.
Could anyone switch some of them to metaphors?
Bonus points for answers.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Okay, who let an old lady on the blogger site?!?!? The old lady being me, the teacher who thought I wasn't getting any comments. Then I realized tonight that they won't show up till I check my dashboard and approve them. I'm learning. Give me time and I'll know what I'm doing.

Have a good day reading tomorrow and getting into the books you picked today. There are lots of good ones in the Depression unit.

Let me know how the day went. And, another thank you to all my classes for such great conversing work in the library today-- every class was terrific!!

Book report due Monday-- only 7 sentences painting the trenches using detail from your book. Do a better job than the first effort in December where you were just trying it for the first time. Do use my assignment sheet to do the format.

Think about renting Seabiscuit for a look at the 30's. I'll be watching Cinderella Man since Jeff suggested it also.

Conversing paragraphs will be handed back on Tuesday. Again, another great first job on those. This 8th grade class has really been putting in some wonderful effort. Thanks!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The next set of poems are here! It only took me about an hour because our cat feels the need to sit between the keyboard and the screen, and every time she moves, she messes up what I am doing!! So, me, who is not all that computer smart, needs to take a break. I hope you enjoy them. I know I did! Your favorites? The line you liked the best? Let us know.
Looking forward to new poems to read tomorrow in class- last one due for January!

Christmas is fun this


Red,green, and

bright Christmas.

Its radiance floats

on smiles of children.

Christmas is fun,

when we

open presents on

Chrismas morning.

- Shelby

They were the best dang

glasses I ever saw, man

they had a slick pink coat

of paint, with green

polk-a dots.

The glasses stood there like

they were better than you.

Shades of steel, they were


Best dang glasses I ever saw.

- Shelby

My dog,

peering through the window

as the wispy wind blew


ferociously as a lion

as my neighbors passed through.


The Snap

Into the Quarterbacks hands

He drops back

Behind the Great Wall of China

He throws the ball

Like a bird

Flying through the air


The receiver has caught it

Nothing but green grass ahead

To the…


To the…


The crowd suddenly goes wild!



The snow is falling fast………

The snow,


Falling fast,

It’s getting cold.

Kids have to…

Get out their,


Suits, gloves, and


Parents get

Out your snow tires

Shovels and

Snow scrapers,

GET READY!!!!!!!!!!

~ Cheyenne

I am an amazing angler,

yet I sometimes

don’t bring in

incredible fish.

Not catching anything

is losing

in a game

of luck

and chance.


Hot chocolate

Warm and hot

Running down my throat

Warming me up

Standing in the snowy, windy

And COLD outside air!


Have you ever lived my life?

Spent one minute in my shoes?

It you haven’t.

Then tell me,

why you do judge me?


I love you

Like a man and his boy

Like a cat and his toy

Or like an artist and his paintbrush

I love you

You know it is true

I love you


I love to dribble

That big orange basketball

Down the court

And…………………… shoot!



I look


the window

to the north

like it

was a

portal to the

outside world

~ Brandon

I play

with my



and muscled

dog, Roscoe

who is like a moose



the best



The quarterback

very clever.

Fake this way;

fake that way

Before you

know it

The touch down

is made!


Way up there

on the tippy-top

of the mountain.

Peering over the edge

the snowboarder,

then flips his quarter


The trees,




all snarl

at the snowboarder named Carl


With a final breath he leaps

down the face of the white beast.

A left turn and a right,

his race is against the wind only.

No fear Carl now feels.

Snowboarding,the best sport on no wheels



Grey blue fur

Soft like a shar-pi

Purrs under my hand

While her flaming yellow eyes close

I love my cat



fast like a Ferrari

their skin is smooth as silk.


are awesome



The shimmery,

shiny goldfish

are swimming

rapidly around

the glass tank

like the speed

of lightning

hitting the

fresh ground

~ Nichole O’Brien

Here I am again

walking in the park

don’t know where I’m going

I’m just walking down the never ending road.

The trees are all beside me

like I’m walking in a forest

the squirrels are scurrying up the trees

while the birds are singing

the sweetest tunes.

Here I am again

walking down the never ending road

don’t know where I’m going

I don’t have a destination

I’m just walking in this park.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bonus for the week. What does a colon mean you when you see it in writing? Parenthesis? a dash? 3 point b0nus for each one you explain in your own words. Write your answers and your name and then put them in the cereal box at school. Bonus points go onto this week's poem grade. Remember: in your own words!